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Playthrough: “Why Do I Dream Of Chaos” from Core System!

Our favourite Croatian Progressive Tech Metallers Core System have only ever made a single instrumental track and they’ve chosen it to unleash the beast that is drummer Luka Bergovec for a playthrough video. The track is of course “Why Do I Dream Of Chaos” from the bands debut record “The Loop”, with the band’s latest

NEWS: Core System reherse “Lately”!

Following their full band rehearsal video for “Entropy“, Periphery fans Core System have gone back into their rehearsal space and recorded a video for “Lately“. Both songs appear on the bands stunningly good August 2019 album “Contrast” the follow up to “The Loop” which you can pick up over at bandcamp.

Playthrough: “Entropy” from Core System!

Alright, we know what you’re thinking. Core System say it’s a playthrough video so we’re going with that. No it ain’t a playthrough video. It’s an in the studio rehearsal video of the band performing “Entropy” as one! They dropped “Contrast” last year and we’re hopeful that the Progressive Tech Metallers will find their way

Playthrough: “Contrast” from Core System!

What are the chances of Croatian Progressive Metalcore quintet Core System appearing at Tech-Fest this summer? We’ve had an eye on them since they landed the impressive “Contrast” and they’ve let sticksman Luka Bergovic off the leash for a playthrough of “Controversy“, recorded during a band rehearsal session…

Playthrough: “Question Authority” from Core System!

Inspired by the likes of Periphery, Croatians Core System took two long years to create the Tech-Fest appearance worthy album “Contrast”. Bassist Eugene Baranasic has taken some studio time to record a bass playthrough video for one of the stand out tracks in “Question Authority” and you can pick up the album over at bandcamp

Playthrough: “Lately” from Core System!

Using an Ibanez RGMS8 coupled with Fractal Axe FX Ultra, Core System guitarist Josip Novak has recorded a playthrough video for “Lately” from the Croatian Progressive Metalcore bands freshly painted summer album “Contrast”. They took part in our “Under The Influence” Series, sharing their love of “III: Select Difficulty Level” by Periphery.  

NEWS: Core System share “Dominant Ones”!

Croatian Progressive DJentlemen Core System have put together a video for “Dominant Ones” from footage filmed at O’Rock Festival last year. Their album “Contrast” which was due for release today and we reviewed over the weekend has been delayed by a few days due to “formalities”.

Review: “Contrast” by Core System

Hailing from northern Croatia, Progressive Metalcore band Core System formed in 2016 and comprises bassist Eugen Baranašić, drummer Luka Bergovec, guitarist Josip Novak and vocalist pairing Ivan Modrić and Lovro Špoljarić. Rather than taking a more conventional route and starting out with an EP while they found their sound, they went the whole nine yards and

NEWS: Core System have faith in the “Hand of God”!

Possible candidates for UK Tech-Fest 2020 Core System have new album “Contrast” being unveiled to the masses on 20th August! We’ve had the privilege of hearing it ahead of time and a review will be appearing on 17th! To get you warmed up for it, here’s a music video for the album opening track, “Hand