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Documentary: “Deeper Up North Tour” from Gutlocker!

Currently working on getting an album committed to tape, Gutlocker have returned to 2019 and their “Deeper Up North Tour” for a documentary they have kept up their collective sleeves for the better part of two years. For the select few blissfully unaware of the tour name reference, the band covered “Deeper Underground” by Jamiroquai

NEWS: Gutlocker get “Stuck” in Isolation!

When it comes to the music video, some bands just don’t get it. Do your fans really just want to see you miming along to the single the whole way through with a faux leather grin, pretending to play you’re instruments when they ain’t even plugged in? It gets boring after a while. Variety is

Review: “Cry Havok” EP by Gutlocker

We’ve covered enough goings on from the grumpy four-piece Metal band from a quaint Surrey town full of alien tripods known as Woking, who are well-armed with gnarly riffs and posh accents without reviewing their debut EP. After all, they’re working on a full length record so it only seems right that two and two

The Black Map #102: Gutlocker from Woking!

Travelling 36 miles from Watford to Woking for this week’s entry in our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal scene, it’s time for us to give a deserved mention to Sludge Grove Metal quartet Gutlocker. Currently waiting to record their debut full length album with their 2018 EP “Cry Havoc” being joined by a