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NEWS: Frozen Soul announce United Kingdom shows for August!

A well received new album in “Glacial Domination” from Dallas Texas Death Metal act Frozen Soul via Century Media with guest appearances from John Gallagher of Dying Fetus, Matthew Heafy of Trivium, Reese Alavi of Creeping Death, Blake Ibanez of Power Trip and Fugitive can only mean one thing. A summer European Festival tour with

NEWS: Frozen Soul pay tribute to “The Thing”!

Paying tribute to their both their favourite movie director John Carpenter and their favourite of his creations in “The Thing“, Dallas Texas Death Metal masters Frozen Soul have shared a music video that combines tracks “Frozen Soul” and “Assimilator“. Both cuts  feature contributions from GosT who adds a synth layer and take pride of place on

Review: “Glacial Domination” by Frozen Soul

Having decimated the weak with 2021’s deadly bludgeoning “Crypt Of Ice” the return of Dallas Texas Death Metal beasts Frozen Soul with “Glacial Domination“ is one on the highly anticipated Richter scale. That’s largely because not only do the band return to former guitarist Daniel Schmuck  (Power Trip, Creeping Death) for assistance but Trivium vocalist

NEWS: Frozen Soul strike three with “Glacial Domination”!

Having already premiered not one but two guest vocal appearance from their upcoming new album “Glacial Domination“, ice cold Death Metal crew Frozen Soul have made it three from three with a music video for the album title track. The guest is of course Trivium vocalist and guitarist Matthew Heafy who produced the album alongside

NEWS: Frozen Soul prepare for a cold war…

Continuing to bring out the big guns, having already premiered “Morbid Effigy” which features a guest appearance from John Gallagher of Dying Fetus, a second single from the upcoming Frozen Soul album goes a step further. The ice cold Death Metal morticians have now shared “Arsenal of War” which features Reese Alavi of Creeping Death

NEWS: Frozen Soul break free from the Crypt Of Ice!

Produced by Trivium vocalist guitarist Matthew Heafy and co-produced by Daniel Schmuck (Power Trip, Creeping Death), 19th May via Century Media will find “Glacial Domination” a new album from ice cold Death Metal crew Frozen Soul make an appearance. The first cut is the deepest with “Morbid Effigy” finding the band joined by John Gallagher

Documentary: Making Metalhead Friends with Black Metal Werewolf!

While recommending one that we recommend ourselves in “Crypt Of Ice” by Death Metal overlords Frozen Soul, in his documentary this week Canadian Black Metal Werewolf discusses the possible pitfalls of seeking only Metalhead Friends. Which could be just as risky as seeking only a Metalhead lover. As ever an insightful discussion, its a well thought

Documentary: Tour Tips with Frozen Soul!

A little nugget of knowledge can go a long way to helping you get through those extended periods of travel on tour and for those of us who aren’t doing that, the series from Digital Tour Bus offers us an insight into the lives of our heroes in bands like Frozen Soul. They were playing

Interview: Frozen Soul talk first concert ever!

Celebrating 3 years of “Encased In Ice” as they  steamroller across the US with Dying Fetus,  Chelsea Grin, Bodysnatcher and Undeath, Dallas Texas Old School Death Metallers Frozen Soul might just be on their dream tour. They talk about the first concerts in their Metal lives in this freshly released interview filmed at Beat Kitchen