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NEWS: Currents seek revenge?

After an impressive display as a quartet on the Impericon Never Say Die Tour, Currents have shared a second new single since their last album “The Way It Ends” in one called “Vengeance“. Described by the band as a release of pent up aggression from the past few years, it’s arguably the heaviest we’ve ever

Bootleg: Impericon Never Say Die Tour 2022 in Berlin!

If you enjoyed the ongoing Impericon Never Say Die Tour 2022 or if you fancy a peak at what you missed out on, the 17th November stop at SO36 in Berlin Germany has been ram raided by Core Community who have given us a cut from After The Burial, Suicide Silence, Currents, Spite, Invent Animate,

Review: “The Void Eternal” by Art of Attrition

Hailing from Red Deer Alberta Canada and featuring in their ranks members and former members of Plaguebringer, Haaze and Protosequence who in those acts have shared stages with the likes of Carnifex, Angelmaker and Suffocation, Blackened Technical Deathcore aggressors Art of Attrition have to be considered seasoned veterans at this point. Citing influences in Archspire, Aversions

Interview: Currents on Pure Core with Jimmy Hammar!

As Currents touch down in Australia for a run of shows with Silent Planet before heading over to Europe for the Impericon Never Say Die headlined by After The Burial and Suicide Silence, their bassist Christian Pulgarin has been put in the spotlight in an interview with Jimmy Hammar. The end of August brought the

NEWS: Currents return with “The Death We Seek”!

Written shortly after the the completion and release of their last album “The Way It Ends“, a new seemingly stand alone single “The Death We Seek” from Connecticut Metalcore outfit Currents has surfaced via label home SharpTone Records having been given a music video directed by Chris Klumpp. Expect fan filmed footage to surface online

NEWS: Violence welcome us to their nightmare?

Two years after they dropped “Chug Life“, US Metalcore merchants Violence have returned with “Welcome to The Neighborhood“, mastered by Chris Wiseman of Currents and Shadow Of Intent fame. As JJ Peters sang, don’t call it a comeback as the band have been sharing stages with the likes of Oakheart, Year Of The Knife and

NEWS: It’s all peace and love for Confessions of a Traitor?

Continuing the build up to the release of “Punishing Myself Before God Does” via Facedown Records on 16th September, London Metalcore merchants Confessions Of A Traitor have premiered a music video for new single “Lovecraft“. Pre-orders for the record, which also features single “Peacekeeper” that finds Brian Wille of Currents making a guest vocal appearance

NEWS: Confessions Of A Traitor join forces with Currents!

Also soon to be treading the boards at Tech-Fest this time next week are London Metalcore merchants Confessions Of A Traitor. They have given us just enough time to learn the words to another new cut from their 16th September via Facedown Records dropping album “Punishing Myself Before God Does“, one which features a guest