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Live Review: Architects at Royal Albert Hall (Live Stream)!

A month ago the surprise release of a new single entitled “Animals” with the news of a new record “For Those That Wish To Exist” set for 26th February 2021 was a much needed and welcome surprise. The tour cycle for “Holy Hell” had seen Architects do a European Arena tour and we had the

Bootleg: “Empyreal” from Sylosis!

There are just four days left to catch the full pay per view show “Live At Lite Up Studios” from Sylosis. It will be available until midnight on 28th August here while the band have given us “Empyreal” cut from the set as a teaser. If you’re yet to hear their return album “Cycle Of

Bootleg: “I Sever” from Sylosis!

Sylosis have taken an alternative route to a live stream. They’ve filmed a full set at at Lite Up Studios that can be purchased and either streamed on demand or downloaded along with an MP3 of the set here. To tempt you into the purchase, they’ve shared a cut of “I Sever” from the set

Interview: Sylosis talk “Cycle Of Suffering” with Knotfest!

A new entry in the Mosh Talks interview series from Knotfest sees Sylosis guitarist Josh Middleton talk about the his bands recent album “Cycle Of Suffering“, his creative process when it comes to writing riffs and of course new Architects material in the works. That album is of course out now via Nuclear Blast and if

Playthrough: “Cycle Of Suffering” from Sylosis!

What are the chances of Ali Richardson, Josh Middleton and Conor Marshall all pulling double duty so that we can have a line-up of Conjurer, Bleed From Within, Sylosis and Architects complete an arena run together across Europe? One can dream. Josh Middleton has in the meantime shared a guitar playthrough for the title track

NEWS: Sylosis premier “Cycle Of Suffering” music video!

Filmed at the album release show, Sylosis have premiered a music video for the title track of their latest album “Cycle Of Suffering“. Shot by Tom Russell and Tom Armstrong, who went on to edit the footage later, it sees the new incarnation of the band – with members of Bleed From Within and Conjurer

Documentary: Sylosis make “Cycle of Suffering” #3!

“Cycle Of Suffering” the new album from the retooled Sylosis is an absolute winner and our highest scoring review of the year so far. Now that the album is out in the World, the band have thrown at us the third and final part of their making of featurette which includes how Guitarist and Vocalist

Review: “Cycle Of Suffering” by Sylosis

There were some who doubted the return of Sylosis would ever happen with frontman and guitarist Josh Middleton now firmly in Architects following the tragic passing of Tom Searle. It’s been five years since their last album “Dormant Heart” and in truth the bands World turned upside down when they showed the now former Heart

Documentary: Sylosis make “Cycle of Suffering” #2!

We’ve had a pair of singles in “Calcified” and “I Sever” from the returning Sylosis alongside the first of a three part series around the making of their upcoming 14th February Nuclear Blast album “Cycle Of Suffering” and so now it’s time for part #2. This time around, mastermind Josh Middleton talks about depression and

Documentary: Sylosis make “Cycle of Suffering” #1!

14th February might be Valentine’s Day but it’s also the day that the reformed Sylosis have chosen for “Cycle Of Suffering” to appear via Nuclear Blast. The album sees Architects guitarist Josh Middleton return to the band he fronted after the exit of Jamie Graham to Heart of a Coward. That was old news and this