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NEWS: Dagger Woods premier “Maighdean Mhara”!

Featuring a guest vocal appearance from Donovan Parchment of I,Satan, Divine Obliteration and formerly Disembodied Tyrant fame, “Maighdean Mhara” marks the fourth and final single to be waterfall released from an EP called “BĂ©aloideas” by Dagger Woods. The duo themselves refer to the project as Extreme Metal with elements of Symphonic Deathcore, Slam and Black

NEWS: Dagger Woods pay homage to Danson, Alley and Harrelson!

Who doesn’t love a classic 80’s sitcom? If there was no Cheers then there would be no Fraiser and so Nova Scotia Deathcore two piece Dagger Woods have taken the theme music from the original and turned it into something everyone can enjoy. Original writer Gary Portnoy better buckle up because this rendition of “Where