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NEWS: Hunt The Dinosaur to cover Suicide Silence?

On the subject of vocal covers, Hunt The Dinosaur vocalist mastermind Hunter Madison has dedicated a vocal cover of “Unanswered” by Suicide Silence to the late Mitch Lucker, who as we all know tragically passed away after a Motorcycle accident in November 2012. The vocals are mixed by Dylan O’Rourke and add to the growing

NEWS: Hunt The Dinosaur want to know your fantasy…

Progressive Deathcore quartet Hunt The Dinosaur have been known for various hip-hop covers over the years but they’ve gone one bigger for Valentines Day by getting in a cast of BROJOB, Bryce Butler and Nick Broomhall for a cover of “What’s Your Fantasy?” by Ludacris! Candidate for Punk Goes Pop #9? Their full length album

NEWS: The Dinosaur Hunt “Couchlock”!

After a couple of teases, Hunter Madison fronted Progressive Deathcore quartet Hunt The Dinosaur have brought another of their tongue in cheek drug fuelled ironic songs to animated life with some help from Drome Visual. Their self titled EP and debut full length album “Dankosaurus” is out now and here’s “Couchlock”!

NEWS: Open up the Circle (pit) of life with Hunt The Dinosaur!

In a moment of madness, Hunt The Dinosaur mastermind Hunter Madison has laid down a vocal cover of “Circle of Life” from the soundtrack to The Lion King from Disney. It’s all part of a full on promotional push for the bands new album “Dankosaurus” which is a piece of Deathcore might! Open up the

NEWS: Hunt The Dinosaur… Go on a Journey?

Just when you thought you had it figured out, Hunt The Dinosaur bring it all crashing down! They’ve only gone and released a Deathcore cover of the Journey classic rock song that we all know every word to “Don’t Stop Believin'”! Who does that?! Actually Winds of Plague… If you’ve not heard it already, “Dankosaurus”

Interview: Hunt The Dinosaur Q&A!

Now that “Dankosaurus” has finally seen the light of day, Hunt The Dinosaur are getting the word out and enjoying some serious streaming action on Spotify! If you’ve not had the pleasure, check out our review, it’s an absolute banger! Last night they did an hour long Q&A live stream with music that includes taking

Review: “Dankosaurus” by Hunt The Dinosaur

It’s been a glacial wait but the debut full length album from Dallas Texas Progressive Deathcore band Hunt The Dinosaur is finally here! When we say that it’s been an ice age, it’s been 5 long years since their self titled debut EP, though to be fair, having started out as pretty much a solo project

NEWS: “Get Up On My Level” from Hunt The Dinosaur!

If you’ve not heard Tyler Madison’s insane vocals then there will never be as good a time as now! The Hunt The Dinosaur vocalist has been dropping the Mic in Dallas Texas on a slew of Pop and Rap covers in a Progressive Party Deathcore style that’s hilarious good fun since 2014! Their self titled