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Playthrough: “Capgras Delusion” from Greylotus!

The hatchet that splits the skull of their album “Dawnfall” clean in two, “Capgras Delusion” is given a guitar playthrough by GreyLotus riff master Ben Towles. The Baltimore Maryland Technical Progressive Death Metal collective, who were one of the main stage highlights of Tech-Fest in 2022, have joined the growing number of bands to have

Playthrough: “Syzygy” from Greylotus!

Baltimore, Maryland Technical Progressive Death Metallers Greylotus were the surprise of UK Tech-Fest back in the summer, giving us cuts from their debut album “Dawnfall” just its release. Guitarist Ben Towles has plucked “Syzygy” from the record for a playthrough video while showcasing Tech-Fest merch in a subliminal message that reminds us that the 10th

Playthrough: “Rectilinear Motion” from Greylotus!

Baltimore, Maryland born and raised, the rehearsal space is where Ben Towles spent most of his days. Slinging riff after riff, all cool, when a couple of guys, who were up to no good started making trouble in the neighborhood. Drewsif was a name, Greylotus the game and together “Dawnfall” was created. So here’s a

Playthrough: “Chiaroscuro” from Greylotus!

Baltimore Maryland Progressive Technical Death Metal Greylotus, a quintet who feature in their ranks none other than Drewsif have shared a guitar playthrough video for “Chiaroscuro” from their now one month old album “Dawnfall“. Mixed by Buster Odeholm from Humanity’s Last Breath and featuring a  guest appearance from Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia, if you missed it, you

NEWS: Greylotus premier “Rectilinear Motion” music video!

A band that blew our tiny minds when we witnessed their main stage live performance at Tech-Fest earlier this summer, Baltimore Maryland Progressive Technical Death Metal outfit Greylotus have premiered a music video filmed by Chris Joao for “Rectilinear Motion“. That’s the opening cut from their now 20 day old baby “Dawnfall” which you can get