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NEWS: Christina Rotondo covers Periphery!

Singer songwriter Christina Rotondo has re-imagined in fine acoustic form “It’s Only Smiles” from Periphery! The Nottinghamshire based musician is also in Adelyn who were formerly know as DAY before another artist claimed ownership. Periphery themselves will be upon our shores with Plini in November, brining cuts from their new album “Hail Stan”.

NEWS: Christina Rotondo covers Architects!

On the subject of cover versions, Christina Rotondo has taken a break from Day to record a version of recent Architects single “Death Is Not Defeat”! Day released new single “Reverie” earlier this month while as a solo artist, Christina Rotondo has released numerous Architects covers in the past. If you haven’t already check out

NEWS: “Reverie” from Day!

London duo Day featuring vocalist Christina Rotondo and guitarist Ali Marshall have released a new single entitled “Reverie”. Rotondo is well known for her covers and alternative versions of songs from bands like Architects and counts among her fans Galactic Pegasus guitarist Andrew Baena! The single is currently spinning on Kerrang! Radio!