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NEWS: Polaris go feral with inhumane?

We secretly always knew it was only a matter of time and have once again been proven right as Australian Progressive Metalcore outfit Polaris have announced their third album “Fatalism” will fall from th sky like the plane in Alive on 1st September via SharpTone Records. That news comes with a big budget music video

Review: “Bleed-Abide” by Bodysnatcher

Returning with a new album every two years following their debut “Abandonment” in 2016, Melbourne, Florida Deathcore brutes Bodysnatcher have been a force to be reckoned with and having a wealth of experience and prior convictions from other projects has helped propel them to new heights. So where does 2022 find ex-Chainsaw Disembowelment vocalist Kyle

NEWS: Bodysnatcher unveil “King Of The Rats”!

Having reactivated their bandcamp page after six six six years in February, Melbourne, Florida Deathcore Merchants Bodysnatcher have dropped a fourth single in four months. After their rendition of “Smash Your Enemies” by Hatebreed surfaced last month claimed to be the only cover the quartet will ever do, they’ve returned with one of their own

NEWS: Polaris 2020 “Death Of Me” European Tour!

It might not be 100% official as yet, but having played in London just last night with Northlane and Void Of Vision, a quartet of May 2020 dates have leaked out along with support acts for the “Death Of Me” European Tour from Polaris. The Progressive Metalcore quintet have their sophomore LP out on 21st

NEWS: Bodysnatcher open the “Bone Casket”!

Filmed during their tour with Slaughter To Prevail and with Production, Mixing and Mastering from their very own Chris Whited, who also graces the drum still, Bodysnatcher have entered the Graveyard with a live music video for “Bone Casket”. The deluxe version of their current album “Death of Me” is out now via Stay Sick

NEWS: Bodysnatcher “Exterminate”!

Not to be confused with the call of Doctor Who’s Daleks, Bodysnatcher have released a video for “Exterminate” from the deluxe version of “Death of Me”. The album is out now via Stay Sick Recordings and was produced, mixed and mastered by their drummer Chris Whited who is rapidly making a name for himself in

Bootleg: Bodysnatcher in Atlanta!

Masquerade in Atlanta Georgia on 4th April saw Bodysnatcher tear it up with Lorna Shore. From that set, here’s “Ego Killer”, “Rancid” and “Exterminate”. Signed to Stay Sick Recordings, the Melbourne Florida quartet managed by E.J. Shannon are touring the deluxe version of “Death of Me” out now!

NEWS: Bodysnatcher call on the “Rancid”!

As the deluxe expanded version of “Death of Me” is doing the rounds, Bodysnatcher have released a live video (as in a video of the band playing the track live and the album version over the top so without a decent bit of clever editing, the watchful eye can spot where it’s out of sync)

NEWS: Traitors “Dwell” after “Anger Issues”!

Floridan Deathcore brutes Traitors have followed up their February released album “Anger Issues” with a brand new single entitled “Dwell”. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Whited at 1776 Recordings, the dude behind the new Mixing and Mastering job on the re-release of “Death of Me” by Bodysnatcher has done well. The single is available

Review: “Death of Me” (Deluxe Re-Issue) by Bodysnatcher

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Chris Whited at 1776 Recordings, the re-release with a huge 5 extra tracks of last year’s “Death of Me” that only had 9 tracks in the first place is a surprise. Yes, Bodysnatcher could have released an EP or built a new album but the decision may have been pre-medicated.