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Documentary: 30 Years of Fear Factory!

Members of Machine Head, Chimaira, Once Human, Devin Townsend, Static-X and more share their memories of Fear Factory as they celebrate 30 years of the bands Industrial Metal sounds in this new mini documentary. Following guitarist Dino Cazares successful crowd funding campaign, their shelved 2017 album “Monolith” is having elements re-recorded with Mike Heller adding

Bootleg: Fear Factory in Columbus Ohio!

The run of Ozzfest sets from 20 years ago that have surfaced over the past few weeks from Liberated Tape Archive have been a nostalgic pleasure and this one which sees Fear Factory at the Polaris Amphitheatre in Columbus Ohio on on 14th June 1999 will be familiar to more than most. Why? Because it

Documentary: Fear Factory Studio Update #2!

As the Dino Cazares launched Go Fund Me campaign for rebuilding “Monolith“, the completed 2017 album from Fear Factory, has hit $20k of its $25k target, he’s shared the tiniest of second studio updates. He promised live drums to replace the programmed ones on the original and so here’s the evidence that Mike Heller is

Documentary: Fear Factory Studio Update #1!

Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares has been very quick to brush off claims form other, potentially former members of the band and provide an update on the studio work going on as a result of the controversial Go Fund Me campaign launched earlier this week. At present it’s not clear whether the album completed in

Bootleg: Fear Factory in Moscow! Launch Go Fund Me campaign!

Following the World of Fear Factory has always been something of a rollercoaster ride and it just got that bit stranger. Guitarist Dino Cazares has announced that a new album is in the pre-production stages but that he is saddled with debt that needs to be paid off to get the Machine back on an

Throwback: “Replica” by Fear Factory!

13th June marked the 25th Anniversary of “Demanufacture” by Fear Factory, a classic album both influential and seminal in the bands career. It was recorded at Bearsville Studios in New York with the legendary Colin Richardson, long time band collaborator Rhys Fulber and the band themselves each sharing production duties. A concept album that takes

Playthrough: “Replica” from Fear Factory!

Going back to 1995 and to the seminal Fear Factory record “Demanufacture“, guitarist Dino Cazares has offered up this guitar lesson yesterday on the brilliant “Replica“. He plays his signature Ormsby Guitars 7 string tune in B on the sofa of his Los Angeles California home and makes it oh so simple. So if you’re

Playthrough: Fear Factory at NAMM!

Does anyone even know what Fear Factory are up to these days? Contradictory social media posts from various band members put them in entirely different directions and leave us fans utterly clueless. One thing is for sure. Guitarist Dino Cazares was at the Seymour Duncan booth at NAMM 2020 and used their pickups to perform