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Review: “Summer Of Slam” by Sammy SlamDance

There are solo projects and then there is the work of Nashville Tennessee based Audio Engineer, multi instrumentalist and vocalist Sam Schneider (ex-Inferi, Abysswalker) also known as Sammy SlamDance. Having been around the scene for as long as anyone can remember, he’s been recording, mixing and mastering his own work as well as that of others

NEWS: Sammy Slamdance gets up to some Ghoulish behaviour?

Joined by guest vocalist Cole Odom of Ov Ruin and featuring a solo from guitarist Matt Brown of Demon King, the unstoppable Deathcore force that is multi instrumentalist, vocalist and studio guru Sammy Slamdance has dropped a new cut titled “Rebirth Of Ghoul“. As if that wasn’t enough Norman Ragan III of Hard Reset fame

Playthrough: “Occhiolism” from Unaligned!

But that is not all. Oh no. Technical Death Metal act Unaligned have used a six string bass playthrough video for “Occhiolism” from their debut burnt offering “Inner Dimensions” to showcase the skills of their new bassist Cole Daniels. He is of course already a known entity as a member of going concern Fleshbore while

Review: “Inner Dimensions” by Unaligned

“Inner Dimensions is a concept album that takes the listener deep into the refuge of one’s own mind, challenging the listener to explore and overcome the very fabrics of their own destined reality, while coming to face with the inner turmoils and demons of their life. To overcome or to be overcome, one will only

NEWS: Visitant share “Dematerialization” and EP plans!

Formed by a group of seasoned veterans from various US states, Blackened Death Metal monsters Visitant converged in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this year to record a debut single “Dematerialization” which has now been unleashed upon the World. Comprised of Matthew Brown (Demon King, ex-Enfold Darkness), Taylor Tidwell and Chelsea Strickland (voice actor at Monster Factory),