Review: “Inner Dimensions” by Unaligned

“Inner Dimensions is a concept album that takes the listener deep into the refuge of one’s own mind, challenging the listener to explore and overcome the very fabrics of their own destined reality, while coming to face with the inner turmoils and demons of their life. To overcome or to be overcome, one will only find within the Inner Dimensions.” ~ Unaligned

Originally released in April 2022, “Inner Dimensions” by Unaligned is an album from a Florida Technical Death Metal trio that has due to popular demand been granted physical editions after a nine month gestational period. Built on the foundation of a friendship between vocalist and lyricist Andrew Guia (Withered Throne) and guitarist and bassist Taylor Tidwell (Visitant, ex-Accursed Creator, Withered Throne). They are joined in the endeavour by drummer extraordinare Jack Blackburn (Killitorous, ex-Demon King, ex-Inferi, Withered Throne) in the project with this, their debut album mixed by Mike Low (The Artisan Era, Inferi, Oubliette).

The holy trinity of Unaligned wage war in the vast expanse of space and time as “Inner Dimensions” batters the cerebral cortex into submission from the very start. For the opening cut and title track their sound orientates around Technical Death Metal like a Moon orbiting a distant planet but also exposes influence in both Blackened Death Metal and Melodic Death Metal with some elegant melodies creeping out from under. The intricacies of the riffs are the perfect counter balance to the viciously barbed vocals as Guia spits blood, his vitriolic venom fuelled no doubt by coffee and hate, powerful enough to create a black hole with which to crush his enemies. “Transient Gate” ensures that the sinister and menacing approach flows nicely while some Death Groove orientated sounds offer something that feels a little stripped back. The solos are vibrant and melodic, so bright they burn your retinas while the pummelling rhythms of Blackburn ensure they are not allowed to wander too far from the left hand path. Taping into the same vein “Of Chaos” thunders along at breakneck pace with some spine juddering breakdown styled riffs well placed between the more technical rhythms. Conjuring mental images of floating through space and time with melancholic undertones this one is a stunning affair that continues the steady experimentation of the record. That culminates in “Kenopsia” with guests Urban and Curtis adding keys, synths and orchestration to give the cut an ethereal quality which fortunately isn’t allowed to drown the bands core sound an instead simply complements it. Packing a dark and frankly neck snapping groove “Occhiolism” is an absolute powerhouse that finds Blackburn at his relentless and relentless finest, Metronomically ensuring that his name is written in Technical Death Metal drummer folklore. An obvious single it stands out as all of the elements bought together in the bands sound have matured like a fine wine and are now ready to consume. That being said there is stiff completion from “Void Wraith” for the best cut on the record with Guia’s storytelling abilities and vocal range impressing. He’s not simply a feral forest dwelling beast but instead demonstrates power and control with a barbed approach second to none. As far from a raw debut record as they come, “Inner Dimensions” is a polished experience from a trio of musicians who leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of Progressive Technical Death Metal perfection [8/10]

Track Listing

  1. Inner Dimensions
  2. Transient Gate
  3. Of Chaos
  4. Kenopsia ft. Dale Urban (Mortem Obscuram, Salem Burning, Dragoncorpse) and Justin Curtis (Worthy of The Crown)
  5. Occhiolism
  6. Void Wraith

Inner Dimensions” by Unaligned is out in physical form on 27th January 2023. Digital editions are available over at bandcamp.

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