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NEWS: Devil’s Reef premier “Thy Eye Wreathed in Flame”!

They maybe keeping us waiting until 8th December for “The Droste Observer” but fortunately that hasn’t stopped label home The Artisan Era Records from delivering us to evil. Much to the disgust of Devil’s Reef, a lyric video for “Thy Eye Wreathed in Flame” cut from the record has been streamed as a third single

NEWS: Inferi embrace the blood pact?

About to to out on a month long US run from Chicago back to Nashville with First Fragment, Summoning the Lich and Tómarúm, Technical Death Metal masters Inferi have reached into the void and pulled forth a new single titled “Tainted Pact“. Its only their second single since 2021’s “Vile Genesis“, that of course being May’s

NEWS: Devil’s Reef observe from a distance?

Including guest appearances from Inferi guitarist Malcolm Pugh and Summoning The Lich vocalist David Bruno, the ever prolific Devil’s Reef have announced a new album in “The Droste Observer” for 8th December with a music video for the title track. Mixed and Mastered by Kile Odell at East Iris Studios (Rise Among Rivals, Aether Realm,

NEWS: Decapitated announce HUGE UK and Ireland tour!

November and December will find Obscura, Inferi and The Materia joining forces to support Polish Death Metal pioneers Decapitated as they play 2002’s “Nihility” in full on tour across the United Kingdom and Ireland. It will find them playing pretty much everywhere in the kind of old school intimate tour trek that seems to be

Playthrough: “Occhiolism” from Unaligned!

But that is not all. Oh no. Technical Death Metal act Unaligned have used a six string bass playthrough video for “Occhiolism” from their debut burnt offering “Inner Dimensions” to showcase the skills of their new bassist Cole Daniels. He is of course already a known entity as a member of going concern Fleshbore while

Review: “Inner Dimensions” by Unaligned

“Inner Dimensions is a concept album that takes the listener deep into the refuge of one’s own mind, challenging the listener to explore and overcome the very fabrics of their own destined reality, while coming to face with the inner turmoils and demons of their life. To overcome or to be overcome, one will only

Bootleg: “No God But Our Flesh” from Inferi!

Before heading over to Europe for the Faces Of Death European tour Inferi were caught on camera as they performed “No Gods But Our Flesh” from their new album “Vile Genesis” at The Rock Box in San Antonio Texas. If you haven’t seen the tour poster for their soon to be concluding run with Harbinger,

Review: “Elan Vital” by Anchillys

A decade in gestation, “Elan Vital” is the debut album from Anchillys, in every sense of the word the solo project of Andy Wit. Known for his work as a guitarist in Once Begotten and as a touring bassist in Dictated, here he not only writes and records all the music as a multi-instrumentalist but

NEWS: Harbinger to join The Faces Of Death European Tour!

After the announcement of their appearance at Rabidfest in Oxford in November, Harbinger have announced they will join this year’s incarnation of The Faces Of Death European tour alongside Rivers Of Nihil, Inferi, Allegaeon and Fallujah. It marks the bands first adventure on foreign soil since 2019 and will see them take their new mini

NEWS: Inferi, Inferi, wherefore art thou Inferi?

Did we say that Nashville Tennessee Death Metallers Inferi were joining Decapitated for their 30th Anniversary European tour with Black Tongue? The one which Heart Of A Coward have dropped off of to be replaced by Archspire and has become a real celebration of darkness? They’ve been pushing the envelope of their lethal new album