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NEWS: Inferi walk in Sunless Realms?

There was a cheeky little teaser for this new track from Nashville, Tennessee Melodic Technical Death Metallers Inferi last week and now we finally have the first piece of the puzzle that will be “Of Sunless Realms” to get our teeth into. The track is called “Aeons Torn” and comes with confirmation that the bands

Playthrough: “Behold The Bearer Of The Light” from Inferi!

Representing Australian Technical Death Metallers Psycroptic, drummer of Nashville Tennessee Technical Death Metallers Inferi Spencer Moore has recorded a playthrough video for “Behold The Bearer Of Light“. The track appears on the bands “Revenant” album and sees Moore use Byzance, Tama and Roland gear.

Documentary: Inferi Riff Dissection Episode #2!

American Technical Melodic Death Metallers from Nashville Tennessee Inferi have put guitarist Malcom Pugh in front of the camera once more. Why? To take apart a riff from “Gatherings In The Chambers Of Madness” and help you put it back together in the second episode of their Riff Dissection series! The track is of course

Playthrough: “Forged In The Phlegethon” from Inferi!

20th April saw drummer Spencer Moore record a playthrough video for “Forged In The Phlegethon” and now, 18 days later, Nashville Tennessee Melodic Death Metallers Inferi have returned to the track with guitarists Malcolm Pugh and Mike Low premiering their playthrough of the track in C Standard tuning. “The End Of An Era | Rebirth“

Playthrough: “Forged In The Phlegethon” from Inferi!

Nashville Tennessee Melodic Death Metallers Inferi have let drummer Spencer Moore record a playthrough video for “Forged In The Phlegethon” from their April 2019 album “The End Of An Era | Rebirth“. If you haven’t already had the pleasure, let’s just say it’s a fun Technical Death Metal album with enough frenetic riffs to spark

Playthrough “The Promethean Kings” from Inferi!

Which brings us neatly (?) and seamlessly (?) to some some ear splitting Technical Death Metal (?) with Inferi guitarist duo Malcolm Pugh playing a Kiesel Aries 6 and Mike Low playing an ESP E-II Horizon-III. The song? “The Promethean Kings” from their album “The Path of Apotheosis“!

Bootleg: Inferi in Lakewood Ohio!

Pro-Shot by Leo Sypniewski on 17th January 2020 at The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio, here’s a full set from an American melodic Death Metal band forged from the bowels of Nashville, Tennesse going by the name Inferi. They’ve been around the World and then some with April 2019’s “The End Of An Era:

Playthrough: “The Endless Siege” by Inferi!

Nashville, Tennessee melodic death metal band Inferi have let guitarist duo Malcolm Pugh and Mike Low record a guitar playthrough for “The Endless Siege” from their April 2019 album “The End Of An Era: Rebirth“. They recently completed some shows with Shadow Of Intent so it’s not going to be long before their announcing their

Interview: Inferi on Dream Tour!

Filmed back in May at Reggies in Chicago Illinois, Death Metallers Inferi were asked about their dream tour line-up in this newly released, freshly ground coffee sponsored clip. You mean it’s not Tech Trek that will see them dragged kicking and screaming across Europe by Archspire later this month?! Somebody better call the Morgue. A homicide

Playthrough: “Barren And Breathless Macrocosm” from Shadow Of Intent!

Preparing for a January US trek with Brand Of Sacrifice, Signs Of The Swarm and Inferi, Shadow Of Intent guitarist Chris Wiseman has recorded a playthrough for “Barren And Breathless Macrocosm” from “Meloncholy“, which is rapidly becoming the 9/10 Symphonic Deathcore album we haven’t (as yet) reviewed. It’s a running joke at Metal Noise. Will