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Playthrough: “The Abysswalker” from Detestor!

How they managed to do it we don’t know but having pursuaded a variety of guest vocalists to join them on the hunt including ex-Lorna Shore man CJ McCreary and Dan Watson of Enterprise Earth, Ukrainian Technical Deathcore crew Detestor have dropped a playthrough video filmed by Bohdan Krasulya for recent single “The Abysswalker” which appeared in

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath traverse the void…

…Not only a brutal track but also one that is accompanied by a cautionary tale about ingesting substances of unknown origin, “Vittring” is the second new song from Humanity’s Last Breath in 2020 following  Buster Odeholm’s extended stay at Impact Studios to painstakingly remix and remaster both their Self-Titled album and the “Detestor” EP…

Playthrough: “Void” from Humanity’s Last Breath!

While at Impact Studios remixing and remastering his bands self titled album and “Detestor” EP for release via Unique Leader Records today, Humanity’s Last Breath mastermind Buster Odeholm has recorded a guitar playthrough for “Void“. Not only that but he’s taken a moment to give us a full rundown on his guitar… GUITAR: Hapas Judge

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath deliver “Human Swarm”!

Sweden’s Humanity’s Last Breath have been hard at work behind the scenes with Buster Odeholm at Impact Studios going through the painstaking effort to remix and remaster both their Self-Titled album and the “Detestor” EP for release on 4th September via Unique Leader Records. Having already tempted us with “Void” and “Harm“, they’ve now offered

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath premier the new version of “Harm”!

Having premiered the freshly remixed and remastered “Void” from 2013’s self titled record, Humanity’s Last Breath have now given us “Harm“, which has received the same treatment, the original version appearing on 2016’s “Detestor“. The band themselves have remixed and remastered both records, applying new techniques and both will drop via Unique Leader Records on

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath set re-release date!

Now that their tour with Black Tongue and Cabal has been rescheduled for April 2021, Humanity’s Last Breath have remixed and remastered versions of their Self-Titled album and the “Detestor” EP for release on 4th September via Unique Leader Records. The work has been done in house by the band themselves, treating the music as

NEWS: Detestor tap up CJ McCreery!

Not a week goes by when Tom Barber, CJ MacMahon, Chris Fronzak, Frankie Palmeri or CJ McCreery appear as a guest vocalist on someone’s track. It’s more common than a cold. And why not? There a lot of talented bands who need a moment in the spotlight to get their careers started and the privilege