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Documentary: Suffocation on Bus Invaders!

American Death Metal pioneers Suffocation will be descending on Europe this summer and making their presence felt as the Friday night headliners at UK Tech-Fest. While at the House Of Blues in Chicago Illinois on 29th March supporting their new live album, the band took a moment out of their busy schedule to film an

Documentary: Signs Of The Swarm on Bus Invaders!

Following the news that after four albums Pittsburgh Deathcore Monsters Signs Of The Swarm had earned the right to be signed by Century Media and stand shoulder to shoulder with Suicide Silence, an appearance on the iconic Digital Tour Bus series Bus Invaders was almost inevitable. After all, what else does one do when they

Documentary: Darkest Hour on “Deliver Us” Gear Masters!

We all know what happens in Chicago doesn’t stay in Chicago because as soon as the tour vehicle rolls up on a venue, the Digital Tour Bus cameras are rolling. This time out at Reggies on 8th July, drummer extraordinare Travis Orbin was the one who suffered the FBI interrogation as his Melodic Death Metal

Documentary: Monuments on Digital Bus Invaders!

Captain’s Log, Stardate 21.08.2022. The Digital Tour Bus cameras were focused on Monuments tour vehicle outside Reggies in Chicago Illinois as vocalist Andy Cizek and guitarist John Browne show us what it takes to demonstrate Progressive Metalcore of the finest order to the masses in the United States Of America. The bands current album “In

Documentary: Crowbar on Bus Invaders!

If you haven’t already worked this one out like Jessica Fletcher, the Digital Tour Bus cameras are always rolling in Chicago Illinois. The latest episode of their iconic Bus Invaders series finds them at the Cobra Lounge on 30th July where Sludge Metal legends Crowbar had pulled up while on tour with Spirit Adrift in

Interview: SETYØURSAILS talk first concert ever!

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure then the sophomore album from German Metalcore merchants SETYØURSAILS titled “Nightfall” is one you can’t go too far wrong with, especially with Andy Doerner from Caliban, Annisokay frontman Rudi Schwarzer and Mike Perez from No Bragging Rights all providing guest vocal appearances. In this latest interview with the

Documentary: Frozen Soul on Bus Invaders!

After the better part of two years the return of the Bus Invaders series from Digital Tour Bus is a welcome one. Filmed at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago Illinois, it sees American Death Metallers Frozen Soul take us around their vehicle as they support their Century Media debut “Crypt Of Ice” with a run

Documentary: Crazy Tour Stories with Sleep Waker!

Their may not have been many tours travelling through Chicago Illinois lately but that hasn’t stopped Digital Tour Bus. They’ve been cranking out the Crazy Tour Stories series over the past 18 months with the latest being from Sleep Waker, who signed to UNFD and dropped the impressive “Alias” not so long ago. Their adventure

Documentary: Crazy Tour Stories with Great American Ghost!

There my not be much in the way of new content from the Digital Tour Bus team due to the lack of tours running the Chicago but they still have a stack of archived stuff that they’re releasing fresh as well as some re-visits to older episodes. Back in February, Great American Ghost stopped their tour

Interview: Conjurer talk tour tips with Digital Tour Bus!

Back in September, Conjurer were playing some shows stateside with Revocation, Voivod, Psycroptic and Skeletal Remains, building in the foundations of their critically acclaimed album “Mire” and spreading the word about “Curse These Metal Hands“, their collaboration with Pijn. As ever, outside Reggies in Chicago Illinois, the digital tour bus cameras were once again rolling