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Documentary: Fox Lake on Bus Invaders!

Another episode of the iconic Bus Invaders series from Digital Tour Bus is exactly what we need, served alongside a beverage of choice. It’s the perfect way to start the day. This time out Fox Lake are the victims *ahem* hosts as the cameras are once again rolling in Chicago Illinois, this time outside the

Documentary: Tour Stories from Imperial Triumphant!

There are tour stories and then there is this tale from a run that saw Avant-Garde masters Imperial Triumphant in Serbia. We’ll give you no more spoilers except to say that this one was filmed outside the Bottom Lounge in Chicago Illinois during a run in support of their current album “Spirit of Ecstasy” which

Documentary: Full Of Hell on Gear Masters!

Having spat out a collaborative album with Primitive Man titled “Suffocation Hallucination” recently, Ocean City American Grindcore Kings Full Of Hell are talk of the town. Back in March when they stopped at The Metro in Chicago Illinois the Digital Tour Bus cameras were rolling for an episode of Gear Masters which analyses the anatomy

Documentary: Carcosa bring Deathcore to Bus Invaders!

While out on the Lotus Tour with Fox Lake, VCTMS and Within Destruction, Canadian Deathcore collective Carcosa were stopped at the WC Social Club in West Chicago Illinois on 8th February. The reason? So the Digital Tour Bus cameras could snatch another episode of their infamous Bus Invaders series, which is fast approaching the 1750th

Documentary: Norma Jean on Bus Invaders!

The appearance of Norma Jean on this week’s episode of the iconic Bus Invaders series from Digital Tour Bus gives us the opportunity to use a tour poster for a tour that didn’t actually take place. But the artwork is impressive and that’s the cool thing about it. The Metalcore merchants were at the Bottom

Documentary: Brand Of Sacrifice on Bus Invaders!

While Amoeba have the iconic “What’s In My Bag?” series, Digital Tour Bus have the “Bus Invaders” series. Taking place in Chicago Illinois, this week’s episode finds the cameras rolling outside the House Of Blues as Canadian Deathcore heavyweights Brand Of Sacrifice roll up with Erra and We Came As Romans. The timing is perfect

Documentary: Within Destruction on Bus Invaders!

Filmed at the WC Social Club in West Chicago Illinois on the 8th February stop of the Lotus Tour 2023 which saw Within Destruction, Fox Lake, VCTMS and Carcosa tear a hole in the fabric of the space time continuum, the latest episode of the iconic Bus Invaders series finds our headliners take us around

Documentary: Crazy Tour Stories with Ingested!

Taking a break from a phenomenal run of guest vocal appearances to tour in the US with his main squeeze Ingested, Jason Evans was caught on camera by Digital Tour Bus discussing some crazy tour stories outside the Bottom Lounge in Chicago Illinois. He was there for a night of the heaviest sounds as Lorna

Documentary: Judiciary on Bus Invaders!

Another week, another episode of the iconic Bus Invaders series from Digital Tour Bus. This time out Metallic Hardcore crew Judiciary were stopped outside the Cobra Lounge in Chicago Illinois on 22nd January ahead of a show with Inclination, Contention, World I Hate and xWeaponx and so they swiftly disposed of the evidence before giving us

Documentary: Vitriol on Bus Invaders in Chicago!

Another classic episode of Bus Invaders fresh from the coffee grinder finds Kyle Rasmussen and Adam Roethlisberger from Death Metal masters Vitriol take us on a tour of the vehicle they took on the road with Exhumed, Escuela Grind, Molder and Castrator. Shot outside Reggies in Chicago Illinois it makes us want to put “To Bathe