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Documentary: Tour Tips with Frozen Soul!

A little nugget of knowledge can go a long way to helping you get through those extended periods of travel on tour and for those of us who aren’t doing that, the series from Digital Tour Bus offers us an insight into the lives of our heroes in bands like Frozen Soul. They were playing

Documentary: I, The Breather on Bus Invaders!

It feels like it has been forever but finally we have another episode of Bus Invaders from Digital Tour Bus! This one was filmed on 31st January outside Reggies in Chicago, Illinois and takes in the delights of the touring vehicle of I The Breather while on the road with Sleep Waker, Curses, and Execution

Interview: Frozen Soul talk first concert ever!

Celebrating 3 years of “Encased In Ice” as they  steamroller across the US with Dying Fetus,  Chelsea Grin, Bodysnatcher and Undeath, Dallas Texas Old School Death Metallers Frozen Soul might just be on their dream tour. They talk about the first concerts in their Metal lives in this freshly released interview filmed at Beat Kitchen

Interview: Tour Tips with Venom Prison!

There is a World of difference between going from a band that plays shows to a band that tours for months on end and the Digital Tour Bus series tour tips is one to provide like alcoholics anonymous the kind of tips and advice you need to survive on the road (as well as for

Interview: SETYØURSAILS talk first concert ever!

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure then the sophomore album from German Metalcore merchants SETYØURSAILS titled “Nightfall” is one you can’t go too far wrong with, especially with Andy Doerner from Caliban, Annisokay frontman Rudi Schwarzer and Mike Perez from No Bragging Rights all providing guest vocal appearances. In this latest interview with the

Documentary: Frozen Soul on Bus Invaders!

After the better part of two years the return of the Bus Invaders series from Digital Tour Bus is a welcome one. Filmed at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago Illinois, it sees American Death Metallers Frozen Soul take us around their vehicle as they support their Century Media debut “Crypt Of Ice” with a run

Documentary: Tour Tips with The Agonist!

A lack of bands rolling through Chicago Illinois may have slowed the main output of Digital Tour Bus and those Bus Invaders videos we all love, but it hasn’t brought them to a standstill. This time out they have Vicky Psarakis from Canadian Melodic Death Metallers The Agonist giving her tour tips as they prepare

Documentary: Crazy Tour Stories with Sleep Waker!

Their may not have been many tours travelling through Chicago Illinois lately but that hasn’t stopped Digital Tour Bus. They’ve been cranking out the Crazy Tour Stories series over the past 18 months with the latest being from Sleep Waker, who signed to UNFD and dropped the impressive “Alias” not so long ago. Their adventure

Interview: Vexed talk dream tour with Digital Tour Bus!

Currently filming another music video for an unnamed track from their debut album”Culling Culture“, out now via Napalm Records, Vexed frontwoman Megan Targett has taken some time out of her busy schedule to talk about her dream tour with Digital Tour Bus. Itching to play live again and suffering from imposter syndrome, had the Global