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Review: “Opulence” by Djinn-Ghül

Birthed to conceive an extreme and unconventional sound while dissolving all expectations of sub-genre, multi instrumentalist Grant Nachbur (Nephrectomy, ex-Ritual Aesthetic) and vocalist Junior Patiño (Rotten Vomit, Voraraephilia) who also mixes and masters, have come a long way in their seven years together. Two full length albums and two EPs have brought them to the

NEWS: Djinn-Ghül seek Opulence with Vicious Instinct!

International duo formed by Grant Nachbur (Nephrectomy) and Junior Patiño (Voraraephilia) have been evolving and perfecting the sound of Industrialized Death Metal unit Djinn-Ghül with each consecutive release. Two albums and one EP later they have conjured “Opulence”, which is set to be released on 14th July via Vicious Instinct Records. Adorned by artwork from

NEWS: Djinn-Ghül return with “Opulence”!

Featuring guest vocal contributions from Jordan James of Disentomb, Phlegeton of Wormed, Sara Crow and Alex Marr, “Opulence” is set to be released on July 14th via Vicious Instinct Records less than two years after Industrial Death Metal duo Djinn-Ghül slapped us in the face with the critically lauded EP “Mechalith”. Chinese artist Guang Yang

NEWS: LowLife (and guests) drop “Deadweight”!

So.. Michigan Slamming Deathcore crew LowLife, they got together with producer Sammy Morales and Keir Campbell and they said… you know what? We want to write a 7 minute track with as many vocalists as you can get a microphone in front of. That would be 12. 12 vocalists from genre heavyweights. All on a

Bootleg: Pro-Shot “Hell Chose Me” from Carnifex!

Having held on to this since Impericon Festival in Leipzig, Germany in 2017, the organizers have now released a Pro-Shot high definition recording of Carnifex performing “Hell Chose Me”. The band are currently headling the “Slow Death tour” with Aversions Crown, Disentomb & Oceano. The San Diego CA Deathcore heavyweights have announced they will only be playing 30