NEWS: LowLife (and guests) drop “Deadweight”!

So.. Michigan Slamming Deathcore crew LowLife, they got together with producer Sammy Morales and Keir Campbell and they said… you know what? We want to write a 7 minute track with as many vocalists as you can get a microphone in front of. That would be 12. 12 vocalists from genre heavyweights. All on a single cut. That cut is called “Deadweight”.

Caleb Branham – LowLife
Tom Barber – Chelsea Grin, ex Lorna Shore
Rheese Peters – Babirusa, The Senate, Protoform, ex A Night In Texas
Ben Mason – Bound In Fear
Jordan James – Disentomb
Alex Terrible – Slaughter To Prevail
Cj McCreery – Lorna Shore, ex Signs of the Swarm
Duncan Bently – Vulvodynia, XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX, Harvest Misery
Cj McMahon – Thy Art Is Murder
Ben Duer – Shadow Of Intent, Hollow Prophet
Jamie Hanks – I Declare War, Sacrificer
Dan Watson – Enterprise Earth, Mire Lore, ex Infant Annihilator

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