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NEWS: LowLife (and guests) drop “Deadweight”!

So.. Michigan Slamming Deathcore crew LowLife, they got together with producer Sammy Morales and Keir Campbell and they said… you know what? We want to write a 7 minute track with as many vocalists as you can get a microphone in front of. That would be 12. 12 vocalists from genre heavyweights. All on a

Playthrough “The Furtherance” from Shrine of Malice!

Las Vegas Nevada Blackened Deathcore quintet Shrine of Malice have joined forces with Legator Guitars Justin Harris-Longmire to record a Guitar and Bass playthrough for “The Furtherance” from their September released EP “Malignance”. It features a trio of guest vocals appearances with Rheese Peters of The Senate, Dan Watson of Enterprise Earth and Tom Barber