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Playthrough: “The Collection” from Signs of the Swarm!

Getting the throat of Kublai Khan vocalist Matt Honeycutt to guest on a track is one thing but getting him AND Nick Arthur from Molotov Solution is just a whole new level of pain for our eardrums to ensure but we love it and Signs of the Swarm know it. That’s why they’re in the

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Recreant.

The revolving door saw Tom Barber switch Lorna Shore for Chelsea Grin as Alex Kohler exited stage left to deal with issues with alcohol. He went on to form Hip-Hop act Grudges, while CJ McCreary left Signs of the Swarm to replace Barber in Lorna Shore only to exit himself following various allegations before their

NEWS: Signs of the Swarm celebrate “The Collection”!

Getting not one but two guest vocalists on board in Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan and Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution, Deathcore brutes Signs of the Swarm have unleashed the winds of plague in the form of a new single entitled “The Collection“. The band have blown the budget as well and got Eric Dicarlo

Playthrough: “Pernicious” from Signs of the Swarm!

Naples Florida Deathcore titans Signs of the Swarm have picked another cut from their October released new album “Vital Deprivation” for a playthrough video having released a music video for the track last month. It seems drummer Bobby Crow providing not only a killer video but also an advert for his services as he’s become

Playthrough: “Death Portrait” by Lorna Shore!

There was a chance that “Immortal” would be shelved while Lorna Shore hunted down a new vocalist but fortunately they didn’t and the results speak for themselves. Drummer Austin Archey provides all the rhythmic power requited to ignite a fire underneath the rest of the band and has been filmed by Brett Miller for Sick

NEWS: Worm Shepherd premier “Wretchedness Upon The Gates”!

Building up those guest vocal appearances, Signs Of The Swarm frontman David Simonich has joined Brockton Massachusetts Deathcore collective Worm Shepherd for “Wretchedness Upon The Gates“, the brutal second offering from their upcoming 25th December releasing album “In The Wake Ov Sol“. You may remember back in October the premier of “Accused“, the first single

NEWS: Signs of the Swarm speak of puppet masters?

It might seem hard to believe but a year has passed since Signs Of The Swarm unleashed the plague that is “Viral Deprivation“, their debut with new vocalist David Simonich. So as shows aren’t an option, they’ve started work on a new album with first quarter of 2021 tentatively slated for a Unique Leader Records

Bootleg: “Insects” from Darko!

Courtesy of Caliber TV, Deathcore project Darko that features Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin and Josh Miller from Emmure, one that we’ve been following with interest, have dropped a live in the studio video for “Insects“. June EP “Dethmask” looks set to be followed by full length sooner than you might thing with studio pictures

Playthrough: “Malevolent” from Within Destruction!

Endorsed by Kiesel Guitars, Within Destruction seven string merchant Francesco Filigoi plays through another of the bands new songs, “Malevolent” in this latest video. The band are gearing up for the 12th August drop of their next album “Yokai“, which sees them independent and going DIY after the end of their contract with Unique Leader