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Listmania: Top #5 Christmas Metal Songs of Old!

The holiday season is here and it’s Christmas Eve which can only mean one thing. Listmania begins! This year we’ve got a wealth of Metal entertainment coming your way ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous in our Awards Season for 2020 although we’ve been forced to axe the “Top #5 live bands of 2020”

NEWS: Wretched Tongues debut “Dismal;Eternal”!

March 2019 saw Manchester New Hampshire Deathcore collective Wretched Tongues tap up the vocal talents of Jamie Hanks of I Declare War for the title track of their EP “The Absence of Light“. That was slated for an appearance last summer that didn’t materialize but the band have now hit back with “Dismal;Eternal“. The song,

NEWS: Sewer Dwellers joined by CJ McCreery!

Kraków, Poland natives Sewer Dwellers have pushed the boat out by getting not only Jamie Hanks of I Declare War but also CJ McCreery of Lorna Shore on new EP “Fate of a Maggot”! Recorded in Aurora Studio with Filip Mieszkalski and Daniel Witczak who also handled the Mixing and Mastering, they’re streaming “The Banality

NEWS: Wretched Tongues curse “The Absence of Light”!

Manchester New Hampshire Deathcore quintet Wretched Tongues are joined by Jamie Hanks of I Declare War for the title track of their new EP “The Absence Of Light”. The tune marks their first with new vocalist Adam Spencer while the EP is slated to appear this summer…

NEWS: LowLife (and guests) drop “Deadweight”!

So.. Michigan Slamming Deathcore crew LowLife, they got together with producer Sammy Morales and Keir Campbell and they said… you know what? We want to write a 7 minute track with as many vocalists as you can get a microphone in front of. That would be 12. 12 vocalists from genre heavyweights. All on a

NEWS: “Bloodshed Begins” for The Devil Himself!

Their album “In The Name Of God” may have been released in December 2017 but Beeville Texas Deathcore quintet The Devil Himself have shot a video for single “Bloodshed Begins” from it! The track features guest vocals from Jamie Hanks of Seattle’s finest I Declare War and the whole scherbang is available over at bandcamp.

NEWS: “Consequence” from Bodysnatcher!

Melbourne Florida Deathcore brutes Bodysnatcher have released a brand new music video. Entitled “Consequence”, it’s the first new material since 2017’s “Death Of Me” and appears via Attila’s Stay Sick Recordings. The quartet are about to start a full US tour with Mancunian Slam heavyweights Ingested, Enterprise Earth, I Declare War, I Am and Aethere!