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NEWS: Neon Empire embrace Death!

Cutting adrift 2020 single “Wrath” as standalone, Neon Empire have successfully completed the waterfall release of four new singles culminating in new EP “Revel4tions” with a music video filmed at Ballysax Church for “Death“. The Electronic Metalcore act have themed the EP on the four horsemen of the apocalypse with Borderlands style artwork depicting each

NEWS: Neon Empire join the four horsemen of the Apocalypse!

The distortions of reality continue to be offered up like inception from Electronic Metalcore outfit Neon Empire as they waterfall release a series of singles in the aftermath of their debut EP. The latest of those is one called “Pestilence” which once again finds them teaming up with director Olga Kuzmenko of Record Replay Productions

Playthrough: “War” from Neon Empire!

After the success of debut EP “Distorted Reality“, Dublin based Electro Metalcore merchants Neon Empire have continued to entertain us with a collection of singles and 7 days after their last one “War” guitarist and clean-vocalist Hassan Ali has dropped a guitar playthrough video for the track to show us how it’s done as he

NEWS: Neon Empire prepare for peace in the age of war?

It wouldn’t be a music video from Dublin based Electro Metalcore act Neon Empire if it didn’t see the lighting the place up. We’re not talking kerosene here but the obligatory neon strips to match the bands name and provide you with a lethal dose of subliminal messages. They have released their first single of

Playthrough: “City Lights” from Neon Empire!

Putting his 7 string into drop G tuning (G D G C F A D), Neon Empire guitarist Hassan Ali has shared a playthrough video for the Dublin based Metalcore acts recent single “City Lights”, their second since 2020’s “Distorted Reality” EP. They’ve been steadily building as a band since their inception in 2019 combining melody,

NEWS: Neon Empire burned by the City Lights?

Viewer discretion is advised when it comes to  the Olga Kuzemenko directed music video for the new single “City Lights” from Irish quartet Neon Empire because not only does it contain a slab of Metalcore with electronic embellishments, but it also contains flashing images. The band are continuing to use the skills of Josh Sid

The Black Map #152: Neon Empire from Dublin!

Making waves since forming in 2019, Neon Empire are a Metalcore quartet from Dublin Ireland who originally started out life as a solo project of guitarist and clean-vocalist Hassan Ali. They’re the kind of band that some might consider a guilty pleasure due to their love of adding electronic embellishments to tracks in a similar

Playthrough: “Wrath” from Neon Empire!

Picking up his Schecter Demon 7 tuned in G D G C F A D, guitarist and vocalist Hassan Ali from Dublin Ireland Electro-core based Metalcore merchants Neon Empire has given us a playthrough video for the bands recent single “Wrath“, the bands first new material since EP “Distorted Reality“. We’re loving the Rick and

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “Wrath” by Neon Empire!

Dublin Ireland Electro-core outfit Neon Empire have documented their recent trip to JSR audio to record single “Wrath“, the first new music to follow their debut June EP “Distorted Reality“. Our first exclusive interview of 2021 saw us talk to them about everything from influences to exploring the dynamic between their clean and unclean vocal