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Throwback: “Where the Slime Live” by Morbid Angel!

Back in 1995 Earache Records were a label on the very cutting edge of the razor blade of pioneering Extreme Metal, pushing the envelope of bands in both Grindcore and Death Metal genres and gaining much respect for doing so. Lead by riff lord Trey Azagthoth, American Death Thrash pioneers Morbid Angel dropped just their

NEWS: IAMTHESHOTGUN watch the World burn!

As they celebrate their February 2020 EP “Domination” surpassing the 200k stream milestone on Spotify, Denver, Colorado Deathcore collective IAMTHESHOTGUN have given us both barrels as they watch the World burn with a music video for “Dogma“. Be warned, viewer discretion is advised as it may trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.

NEWS: IAMTHESHOTGUN blast “Metanoia”!

Following September’s new video for “Cyanide 909“, it was only a matter of time before Denver, Colorado quintet IAMTHESHOTGUN pulled the trigger once more. This time out they’ve chosen “Metanoia” for the treatment, one of the stand outs from EP “Domination“. That release was one which burst our ear drums and caused us to haemorrhage,

NEWS: IAMTHESHOTGUN take the blue pill?

Denver, Colorado Deathcore collective IAMTHESHOTGUN may have already released an EP in 2020 by the name of “Domination” that was February and this is September and the lack of shows for obvious reasons has given them more studio time. The result is a new track called “Cyanide 909“, designed to sever flesh from bone…

Playthrough: “DÖGMÅ” from IAMTHESHOTGUN!

Billed as “raw and unprocessed due to pandemic“, Maxx Smith of Denver, Colorado Deathcore collective IAMTHESHOTGUN has teamed up with videographers from Altitude Audio to film a playthrough for “DÖGMÅ” from their recent outing “Domination” while also providing fans with an epic kit list for his rig as used in the video. Cymbals in this

Review: “Domination” by IAMTHESHOTGUN

Denver, Colorado quintet IAMTHESHOTGUN have been in the Deathcore game since 2007. Formed when guitarist Bryan Pelle met Kareem Hendricks the pair became the bands backbone and song writing partnership having bonded over their mutual love of Melodic Death Metallers Dead to Fall. It took until 2011 for them to complete their team and dropped

NEWS: IAMTHESHOTGUN let “1692” out of the cage!

It’s been a month since Deathcore quintet IAMTHESHOTGUN brought their EP “Domination” to the show and tell that is your favourite streaming services. From that EP, they’ve shared via Chugcore Promotions a bloody video for the throat ripper that is “1692” in full on demonic possession style. Who could ask for more?