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Review: “Volume 60” by Doomsday Rejects

Taking their inspiration from Grindhouse movies, Doom Metal and all things Psycadellic are Jacksonville Florida Sludge Doom Metallers Doomsday Rejects who have returned following their Summer 2020 swamp rising “Volume six hundred” with “Volume 60“. Logically that means that for vocalist Lenny Smith, guitarist Roland Dean, bassist and lyric writer Jason Morgan and drummer Chris

NEWS: Doomsday Rejects search for the born again!

Another member of the growing roster at Kingside Records (H.O.U.N.D.S, Sore Teeth) to unveil a record just before Christmas were Doomsday Rejects on 14th December with EP “Volume 60“. The Post Sludge Doom Metal outfit who hail from Jacksonville, Florida are heavily dependent on a lethal dose of American hatred, Grindhouse movies and psycadellic have