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Review: “Exit Wounds” by Tactosa

Back in February 2021 Tampa Florida Deathcore brutes Tactosa released a self titled EP of with one notable exception, sub two minute cuts for those with a short attention span. Like a heavy hitting prize fighter they  combine the one two of a jab followed by a left hook, with piercing vocals and heavy riffs

NEWS: Dr Acula confront Dr Frankenstein!

They say that you shouldn’t wish your life away but with the highly anticipated return of Dr Acula with a self titled album on 28th October via New York label Silent Pendulum Records, it’s hard not to. The evidence really does speak for itself with not only the bands history (who can forget classics like

NEWS: Dr. Acula welcome us at the front door…

“Welcome To Dead House“, a second single from the highly anticipated upcoming self titled album from Dr. Acula has surfaced via Silent Pendulum Records. Set for a 28th October drop, the record features a guest vocal appearance from Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher fame in eleven fresh cuts which the band have promised has an over

NEWS: Kissing Candice follow the siren’s call?

Long Island New Yorkers Kissing Candice have released a music video for a fifth single from their as yet undated sophomore album “Manifest“. The video, directed by King Zabb is for one called “Call Of The Witch” and comes five days before the cut hits streaming services. Produced, engineered and mixed by Zach Jones and

NEWS: Dr Acula go in search of Bigfoot in Pasadena?

…with vinyl editions due out in the summer of 2023, 28th October will find a self titled album from the reformed Dr Acula making its way to our headsets. Intriguingly there is a guest vocal appearance on “The Barking Ghost” from Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher while “The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena” serves as the first

NEWS: Kissing Candice walk on Hallowed Ground!

Following “Tapeworm“, “Raise Her” and “Brand New Low” (ft. Jamie Madrox of Twiztid), comes  “Hallowed Ground“, the fourth single from an as yet untitled and undated sophomore album from Kissing Candice. Produced and mixed by Zach Jones who the Long Island New Yorkers give writing credits to for music, lyrics and additional instrumentation to and

NEWS: Dr Acula set to return with a new album!

Those Silver Lipped Operators of Bullsh** we know and love in American Deathcore outfit Dr Acula have announced their return with a new album for 2022 with this hilarious video message from your very evil friend Danhausen. The last we heard from them was a demo called “Egg Monsters From Mars” in 2019 recorded by

NEWS: Kissing Candice throw back to “Ghost”!

After a trio of independently released EPs Long Island New York Industrial tinged Horror Metalcore outfit Kissing Candice (ex-Dr Acula) signed to a label for their debut album “Blinded Until We Burn” in 2015 but before they did that, the label introduced the band with the stand alone single “Ghosted“. As the sophomore album recorded

NEWS: Kissing Candice raise the dead!

Slowly the singles are starting to crawl from the grave from Long Island New Yorkers Kissing Candice who part crowd funded an album that has been recorded but not released. First we had “Tape Worm” and now 3 months on “Raise Her” both of which have been accompanied by NSFW videos. This one is directed

NEWS: Kissing Candice pull the tapeworm out of their…

A first look at the upcoming new record from Long Island New York’s Kissing Candice has arisen from the black depths. Entitled “Tapeworm“, the new track will be streaming in all the usual places on 13th November, however the music video dropped on Halloween. The album itself is a crowd funded affair which had been