NEWS: Kissing Candice throw back to “Ghost”!

After a trio of independently released EPs Long Island New York Industrial tinged Horror Metalcore outfit Kissing Candice (ex-Dr Acula) signed to a label for their debut album “Blinded Until We Burn” in 2015 but before they did that, the label introduced the band with the stand alone single “Ghosted“. As the sophomore album recorded with producer Zach Jones in February 2020 approaches with singles “Tapeworm“, “Raise Her” and “Brand New Low” set to appear on it, they’ve thrown back to the original unreleased edit of the music video which serves as something of a crowd pleaser…

The band comment: “The original cut of the music video for what would become the song “Ghosted”. Shortly after the shooting of this video, Kissing Candice signed with a label who wanted to release the song and video as an “introduction” to the band. The label took the original video and made their own edits to it including mask close ups and what not. This version features less filters and almost all performance shots from a warehouse in NJ! Ghosted was originally released in 2015, the audio in this video is no different that that which was released then”

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