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NEWS: Grimgotts return with another tale of the epic!

Leaving behind the age of “Tales, Sagas & Legends” London Power Metal act Grimgotts refuse to rest on their laurels and have unveiled a lyric video for the title track of a new EP “Ignite The Flame” as they continue to sail the seven seas with no signs of tiring in their epic battle against

NEWS: Grimgotts: Chip tune ahoy!

It seems like everyone has fallen in love with their youth with retro games consoles landing like meteorites at the minute. So following the lead of Arcaeon, Power Metallers Grimgotts have unleashed another chip tune of their own, using all those original Yamaha tones from the days when Streets of Rage and Golden Axe were

NEWS: Grimgotts make “Through The Ages” a chip tune!

If you’ve ever wondered if the swashbuckling antics of Power Metal would make for the perfect sound track to Dungeons and Dragons or any of the adventures of Zelda then you might want to try on this 1992 style chip tune version of “Through the Ages” from Grimgotts. Last month saw them unveil “Tales, Saga’s

Bootleg: “For The Power” from Grimgotts!

Celebrating 5 years together high seas, London Power Metallers Grimgotts dropped a trio of EPs in 2020 in Tales, Sagas and Legends. They’ve chosen “For The Power” for a live in lockdown GoldenEye N64 style split screen video. They’re booked for the Hard Rock Hell Spring break in Great Yarmouth in March…

NEWS: Grimgotts prepare to “Rise Again”!

2019 saw Mind Power deliver a quartet of four track EPs in an ambitious project with a quarterly Metal thump of pure quality. London based Power Metallers Grimgotts are doing the same thing with a trio of EPs for 2020 that will form “Tales, Sagas and Legends“. The first part “Tales” dropped on 1st May

NEWS: Grimgotts fight “For The Power”!

London based Power Metallers Grimgotts are planning not one, not two but three EP releases for 2020. The titles are set as “Tales“, “Sagas” and “Legends” with “For The Power” getting a lyric video this weekend and thr first of the EPs dropping on 1st May. If you missed it, feel free to check out

Review: “Dragons of the Ages” by Grimgotts

Formed in 2015 with the concept of being a Harry Potter themed Symphonic Power Metal Band before switching their focus to the realm of fantasy, “Dragons of the Ages” is the sophomore album from Grimgotts. Hailing from West Sussex, the band feature the vocal talents of founder Andy Barton, Synths from Fabio Garau, guitars from