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NEWS: Parting is a sweet sorrow for Agony Atlas!

Citing health reasons without going into too many details, German DJent fueled Progressive Metalcore act Agony Atlas have announced that they will be taking a break but not before giving us a parting gift in the form of a new single called “The Growth“. Mixed and Mastered by Christoph Wieczorek of Annisokay fame at Sawdust

Review: “Retrogression Part 1: Egomania” by Agony Atlas

A concept release with a story marks the debut EP from Koblenz, Germany Progressive Technical Metallcore outfit Agony Atlas, a band with a wealth of prior experience. Vocalist Liane Walter is in Deathlesson and formerly in Incertain; guitarist, keys and programmer Christoph Fuchs in Karabooza, formerly Sixfinger and Timeshift Passenger; Drummer Markus Moewis formerly graced