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Playthrough: “Embryonic Anomaly” from Rings Of Saturn!

Who is going to be in Rings Of Saturn beyond their 10th anniversary celebration of “Embryonic Anomaly” remains shrouded in mystery with Ryan Sinnott gracing the drum stool and original vocalist Peter Pawlak returning to the microphone for the bands European Festival run this summer that so far  includes Death Feast Open Air, Rockstadt Extreme

Playthrough: “Invasion” from Rings Of Saturn!

Using tones from the Soldano SLO-100 Suite Plugin by Neural DSP, Rings Of Saturn guitarist Lucas Mann has given us a playthrough video for “Invasion” from the 10th Anniversary edition of “Embryonic Anomaly“. A live beast, the Aliencore act are set to decimate Dynamo Metal Fest in Eindhoven Netherlands at the end of August before

Playthrough: “Abducted” (Remake) from Rings of Saturn!

At what point does a bass become a guitar? Rings of Saturn guitarist Lucas Mann playing through the re-made version of “Abducted” from the bands re-recorded “Embryonic Anomaly” 10th Anniversary record on a 7 string bass is just mind blowing! Like their Technical Deathcore output wasn’t crazy enough as it is. They’ll be joining Viscera

NEWS: Rings of Saturn return to Roswell!

After the original version was sabotaged by age restrictions on YouTube, Technical Aliencore outfit Rings Of Saturn have re-released the video for “The Husk“, cutting the gore filled scenes of Alien abduction at Roswell. The video comes a month after the band released the remake of their “Embryonic Anomaly” record in celebration of its 10th

Playthrough: “Seized And Devoured” by Rings of Saturn!

The thing about Rings of Saturn is, no matter how brutal the vocals are from Ian Bearer are, you can’t help but feel mesmerized by the Technical wizardry of guitarists Joel Omans and Lucas Mann. The pair make the Technical Progressive Deathcore outfit something outstanding and how they are able to play like they do