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Documentary: “Tour Life” Episode #6 from Infected Rain!

It’s been seven months since January’s Episode #5 of the 2019 “Tour Life” series from Infected Rain, which saw them upon our shores with Lacuna Coil and Eluveitie. Episode #6 didn’t seem to be on the horizon but… here it is. It sees the Moldovans in Holland and Germany while celebrating frontwoman Lena Scissorhands birthday,

Playthrough: “Taphephobia” from Infected Rain!

You’d need to ask Lena Scissorhands why she penned a song about having an abnormal fear of buried alive but it is right there on the current album from Moldova’s finest export Infected Rain. The track is called “Taphephobia” and is the subject of a drum playthrough video from Eugene Voluta, as the band continue

Interview: Infected Rain talk Thy Art Is Murder with CJ McMahon!

Infected Rain frontwoman Lena Scissorhands has been busy of late with her Bananas Project. In this latest episode, she goes in deep on Australian Deathcore brutes Thy Art Is Murder and interviews frontman CJ McMahon. Subjects in the footage include how Scissorhands found Thy Art Is Murder. The Will Putney produced “Human Target” is out

Playthrough: “Black Gold” from Infected Rain!

It seems that their European summer festival appearances will be off the cards but there is still hope that Infected Rain may join up with Insomnium and Eluveitie for their planned US run in October. In the mean time, they have continued to batter us with playthrough videos with drummer Eugen Voluta having the opportunity

Playthrough: “Orphan Soul” by Infected Rain!

Keeping their stock high in the absence of any touring activities, Moldova’s finest export Infected Rain have set to task creating an array of playthrough videos. This latest offering to the Metal Gods sees guitarist Sergey Babich hammer the fretboard to play through “Orphan Soul” from their album “86“, the one which brought them to

Playthrough: “The Earth Mantra” from Infected Rain!

At their current rate we may actually get a full albums worth of playthrough videos from some artists during this lockdown season. Infected Rain guitarist Sergey Babich has returned with his second and the bands third playthrough video from their album “Endorphin” with “The Earth Mantra“, a song which surfaced online via a fan recording

Interview: Infected Rain Fan Q&A!

Napalm Records have shared a fan Q&A with Lena Scissorhands, frontwoman of  Moldova’s finest export Infected Rain. Formed in 2008, they released their fourth studio album “Endorphin” last year, following Jinjer in joining the label. Regulars on the European Festival circuit, their DIY work ethic saw them record their first three albums at Must Music

Playthrough: “Passerby” by Infected Rain!

The first single from “Endorphin” came well before the album release and with no link to the fact that Moldova’s finest Metal export Infected Rain had followed Jinjer in signing for Napalm Records. But when we did finally get the news that they’d be making a major label debut, we were more than impressed. The track in

Documentary: Infected Rain Tour Life #4!

Part #4 of the “Tour Life” documentary from Infected Rain sees Moldova’s Napalm Records signings on the road between Zurich Switzerland and Antwerp Belgium with a pair of stops in Germany in between. The run was in support of Lacuna Coil with Eluveitie also on board at the end of 2019. This episode of the

Documentary: Infected Rain: Red. White. Green.

Continuing their “Tour Life” series, Infected Rain have recapped their trek from Rome to Milan via Bologna with Lacuna Coil and Eluveitie earlier this Winter. In separate news they gave announced a US and Canadian run with Swallow The Sun and Wheel running from April to the end of May and are expected to be