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NEWS: Engrossed get infected with Bodysnatcher!

Russian Downtempo Deathcore machine Engrossed have teamed up with Kyle Medina from Bodysnatcher for the second single from their upcoming spring EP release “Denial“. The track goes by the name “Infected” and follows the bands cover of “Twelve/Seventeen” from the new Bodysnatcher album “This Heavy Void“. Oh and they also did a track with Osiah…

NEWS: Engrossed get “Vicious”!

It pays to expect the unexpected. So when you hear about Ricky Lee Roper from Osiah making a guest appearance on a track from Russian natives Engrossed, famed for their slow downtempo Deathcore grooves, you’re not like… wtf?! Now before you say “That’s not a new song, ‘Vicious’ came out in 2014“, you’d be right.