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NEWS: Escarion begin their memoirs?

It seems as though the Pillars of Faith are crumbling for Melbourne Progressive Death Metallers Escarion as they premier their first ever music video for new single “Memoirs Of Madness“, one which they are describing as their “heaviest, fastest most technical song yet“. That somewhat bold claim from the band who cite influences in Death,

Listmania: New Years Day Honours List 2021!

We reached a lot of milestone markers in the success of Metal Noise in 2021 and while we weren’t able to bring you anywhere near as many live reviews as we’d hoped for or any summer Festival coverage (for obvious reasons), there were some real bucket list moments chalked off, including our fly on the

Exclusive Interview: Escarion talk Seven Deadly Sins!

There are concept albums and then there are great concept albums and with “Pillars of Faith“, Melbourne Australian based Escarion have delivered a jaw dropping piece of work, an investigation of the human psyche, contrasted with the idea of the ‘The Seven Deadly Sins‘. For us, their sophomore record happens to be the album of

Review: “Pillars of Faith” by Escarion

Escarion are a band with Ancient roots and began life as a very different entity. Starting in the Thrash Metal act Vintage Ruin, a trio of members broke ranks in search for a heavier alternative. Their creation was Escarion, building on their previous work and drawing upon new influences, they birthed EP ‘Pinnacle of Neglect‘,

Playthrough: “Greed” from Escarion!

Guitarist and vocalist Johnny Arhondis from Australian Death Metal newcomers Escarion has recorded a playthrough video for “Greed“. The song is taken from “Pillars of Faith” which the band are set to release on 29th January with pre-orders available here. The album is based on the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’, taking that concept from Christianity and