Playthrough: “Greed” from Escarion!

Guitarist and vocalist Johnny Arhondis from Australian Death Metal newcomers Escarion has recorded a playthrough video for “Greed“. The song is taken from “Pillars of Faith” which the band are set to release on 29th January with pre-orders available here.

The album is based on the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’, taking that concept from Christianity and arguing that this notion is false and oppressive. The band states: “These are not ‘sins’, instead they are human nature. Yes, excess of any of these sins may be immoral and unethical however, that can be said of any action or emotion in excess. Greed outlines that this primitive desire of wanting more than the confines of our life circumstances, the power of greed to create ethical and sustainable change contrasted with the evil of excess greed, creating a system that is so inherently corrupt that it literally feeds off the blood of the people. It is ironic that possibly the only way to destroy this system of greed is a greedy lust for change within humanity, greed for more and for humanity to flourish so we may live our lives in harmony within ourselves and our communities.”

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