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NEWS: A Wake In Providence bound and gagged?

Returning to their new album “Eternity“, Blackened Deathcore souls A Wake In Providence have shared a music video for one of their finer cuts in “Siamo Legati Dal Terrore (We are Bound by Terror)” which believe it or not, isn’t the longest title in their catalogue. What chance the Will Ramos connection allowing for the

NEWS: Eternal Youth for A Wake In Providence?

21st October will see “Eternity” appear via Unique Leader Records from A Wake In Providence land upon Planet Metal and ahead of time the band have shared a resplendent piece of Blackened Deathcore glory in “We Are Eternity“. It’s the third single from the record with “The Horror ov the Old Gods” and  “Godkiller” surfacing

NEWS: A Wake In Providence share “The Horror ov the Old Gods”!

Unique Leader Records have premiered a new single titled “The Horror ov the Old Gods” from Blackened Deathcore creatures of the night A Wake In Providence that appears to hint at a new record titled “Eternity” as it follows April single “Godkiller” out of the gate. The New Yorkers had been rumoured to be working