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Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Albums of 2019!

Carlsberg take the Moto “Probably the best beer in the World” into their advertising campaigns, then these are probably the best albums of 2019. On our eyes at least and remember kids, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One man’s silk purse is another man’s sow’s ear. 2019 was a fantastic year in

Playthrough: “Faces Behind The Stars” from Shokran!

Progressive Tech-Metal titans Shokran were one of the highlights of this summer’s incarnation of UK Tech-Fest and their third album “Ethereal” is an absolute joy. If you haven’t already, check out our review of that. Having announced a big run of September and October shows, guitarist Dmitry Demyanenko has taken a minute to record a

NEWS: Shokran hypnotised by the “Golden Pendant”!

Having pulled it earlier in the week, Tech-Fest bound Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran have finally let us have the official music video for “Golden Pendant” from their simply amazing album “Ethereal”. We were lucky enough to review it before it came out and if there is one album you should check out this year, it’s

Playthrough: “Superior” from Shokran!

Filmed by M Studio SPB, Shokran sticksman Mike Isaev has laid down a playthrough for “Superior” from the Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers recently released stunningly good album “Ethereal”, which we were fortunate enough to be able to review before it’s release! Paiste Cymbals, Pearl Drums, Axis Pedals and StarSticks drumsticks were all hurt in the production

Review: “Ethereal” by Shokran

Hailing from Krasnodar, Russia are Guitarist Dmitry Demyanenko, Vocalist Andrew Ivashchenko, Drummer Mike Isaev and Bassist Rodion Shevchenko. A collective better known as Shokran. It may have only been 8 months since the release of Dmitry Demyanenko’s second solo album “Universe” but it has been the better part of 2 years since “Exodus”, the Progressive Metalcore Masters second

NEWS: Shokran “Ethereal” album teaser!

Friday 8th February is when the new album from Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran will be appearing everywhere that’s worth getting it from. “Ethereal” may not have had a music video released as yet but following their “Making Of” video series they’ve now provided this 5 minute plus album teaser clip with artwork from Mayhem Project.

Documentary: Shokran “Ethereal” episode #4!

The latest episode of the making of “Ethereal”, the upcoming album from Shokran has landed. This one focuses on Mike Isaev’s kit work during the drum tracking. The album itself will appear on 8th February with pre-orders available here. The question is, will the Russians make it to the UK for the festival season?

Documentary: Shokran “Ethereal” episode #3

Vocalist Andrew Ivashchenko from Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran is the focal point of episode #3 of the making of the bands upcoming new album “Ethereal” as the episode focuses in on the recording techniques for the vocal tracking as well as the lyrical content. The album will appear on 8th February with single “Destiny Crucified” out

Documentary: Shokran “Ethereal” episode #2!

On the subject of February album releases, Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran will be releasing new double album “Ethereal” on 8th! In their build up, they’ve released the second of their studio updates today. This episode focuses around the recording of some of the guitar work. Pre-orders for “Ethereal” are available here.

Listmania: Top #5 most anticipated releases of 2019!

We are now at the point of Listmania Season where it’s time for the Top #5 most anticipated releases of 2019! These are group of releases that have dates pencilled in rather than of the “Maybe” or “perhaps” or “Winter” variety…. 1. “Back To The Green Zone” by Road Mutant (4th January) Having witnessed their