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NEWS: Gallia share the “Euphoria”!

Belgian Symphonic Metallers Gallia have unveiled a new cut from their 3 years in the making cinematic styled new album “Obscura” with Scott Rudd (Opeth, Emmure, Attila) directed music video for “Euphoria“. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Yarne Heylen at Project Zero Studio (When Plagues Collide, Carnation, Destroy Humanity) the album will drop on

NEWS: Gallia want to cast away the Everflame?

Returning to and falling back in love with a song from their past, Dutch Symphonic Metallers Gallia have unfilled a lyric video for single “Cast It All Away“. They may have only released their EP “Everfame” last summer but five months on they’re ready to go again. Gallia comment: ‘”Cast It All Away” is Gallia’s