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Review: “Wander” by Gomorran

A band formed in Helsinki Finland by drummer Olli Lappalainen in 2019, Gomorran have been blazing a trail of destruction in Blackened Death Metal since with members and former members of Affection, Standing Ovation, Sclerosis and Valravn joining forces in the process. Inking a deal with Inverse Records they unleashed their debut record “Excerpts from

NEWS: Gomorran share final recording of drummer Olli Lappalainen!

After the tragic news of the passing of drummer and founder Olli Lappalainen, Finnish Blackened Death Metal act Gomorran have shared a demo version of a cut titled “The Witch’s Grace“, a cut previously heard live and in a behind the scenes featurette as the band opened for Finntroll and Wormwood. Rest in peace mighty

Documentary: New Song and New Line Up for Gomorran!

Documenting a show that saw them open for Finntroll and Wormwood in Helsinki Finland on 9th July, the mighty Gomorran have shared a behind the scenes featurette that includes footage of a new song titled “Witch’s Grace“. It also serves to debut a new line with up vocalist and guitarist Perttu Laamanen has exiting stage left

Bootleg: “Sermon” from Gomorran!

Filmed on a single static camera, Helsinki Finland Blackened Death Metal quintet Gomorran delivered “Sermon” at Aaniwalli on 9th July as they ripped through cuts from the evil that is “Excerpts from the Dark Age“. A debut record that retells tales from of ancient history, a powerhouse cut from a savage six cut affair. We

Playthrough: “Black Plague” from Gomorran!

In what we’re hoping is going to be the first part of a drum playthrough series that sweeps through the entire record like whirlwind, Gomorran have let drummer Oli Lappalainen out of the basement for a rendition of “Black Plague“, the cut that opens “Excerpts From The Dark Age“. The Nordic death metal group that

Review: “Excerpts From the Dark Age” by Gomorran

The flames of a funeral pyre were lit once more in the heart of Olli Lappalainen in late 2019 as he brought his hiatus from gracing the drum stool to an end with the desire to form a new band and get back to producing new music and that desire became an infectious quality as

NEWS: Gomorran appear from the Dark Age?

Finnish Helsinki-based Blackened Death Metal band Gomorran are set to release their debut record “Excerpts From the Dark Age” on 3rd December 2021 via Inverse Records, an album inspired by the harrowing stories of the Roman Empire, Middle Ages and from Pagan literature. Recorded in the band’s rehearsal room in Vallila, Helsinki by drummer Olli