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Documentary: T is for… for My Latest Failure!

With just a handful of episodes to go in the A-Z of Failures from Hardcore injected Punk trio My Latest Failure, it’s time to turn to the letter T in the documentary series that shares the bands history in a series of glorious shorts designed for people with short attention spans. What were we talking

Documentary: S is for… for My Latest Failure!

It’s been 14 days since their last confession so My Latest Failure have taken a break from rehearsals for their first show in two years at The Trinity Bar in Harrow on 12th February with The Freudian Session to record episode #S. Which is for the s*** stains on the white sheet of humanity that

Documentary: R is for… for My Latest Failure!

After the madness that was the fan questions for Q, normal programming is resumed for R as Hardcore Punks My Latest Failure explain how they risked it for a biscuit with a cover that you might not have expected and no, it’s not “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber. It does however pose a question of its

Documentary: Q is for… for My Latest Failure!

…and so we’re approaching the final curtain for the A-Z of failures from My Latest Failure and our Hardcore injected Punk heroes have had some Dutch Courage and answered a collection of questions submitted by fans (including us) in the Q edition! That means nine to go (and an out takes blooper reel?) before the

Documentary: P is for… for My Latest Failure!

Terry’s might have turned down our request for a bowling ball sized Chocolate Orange but that hasn’t stopped the My Latest Failure A-Z of failures train rolling on for one last stop of the year. That stop is P which must be for… Well it could be for Piss, Pigs or Pool seeing as they’re Hardcore

Documentary: O is for… for My Latest Failure!

When the started their A-Z of Failures we thought that My Latest Failure might manage to shoehorn the whole shebang into 2021. But oh how wrong we were. With just a few weeks to go they’re at O which can only means one thing. And it’s not Terry’s, it’s mine. We did actually ask if

Documentary: My Latest Failure’s A-Z of failures #2!

Still Selfish, we have it on good authority that  Hardcore injected Punk trio My Lastest Failure have turned down a lucrative offer from Amazon Prime Video to wait for something more substantial from Netflix for their award winning A-Z of Failures documentary series. You heard that here first and all bets are are off now

Documentary: N is for… for My Latest Failure!

What does it all mean? Well… we’re 14 of 26 down the A-Z of Failures from My Latest Failure, a documentary series quite like any other. This time out we’re at N, which just so happens to a glimpse into the future. You know like in that Nicolas Cage Christmas movie “Family Man“, a hint

Documentary: M is for… for My Latest Failure!

After a small delay in operations the return of the A to Z of failures from My Latest Failure is promised to be the first of two this week (according to social media anyway. Like that’s a reliable source of factually accurate information!). So after a brief stop at Airplay Studios for a rehearsal, we’re