Live Review: The Freudian Session w/My Latest Failure & The Deckchairs at The Facebar in Reading!

It has been too long since our last live review and so a trip to The Facebar in Reading on a bank holiday weekend for a night of Punk and Metal from a trio of well respected bands is gratefully received in these parts as The Freudian Session reunite with My Latest Failure but sadly don’t bring back the 2019 vibes by adding Weaponry and Sore Teeth to the line up from the last time we saw them in this spot. Not that that would have worked as Sore Teeth have gone down a heavier path since then with their EP “This Is Our Core” a real punch in the guts…

To have a band as good as My Latest Failure [9/10] on this early of a night and playing to a filling venue is nothing short of criminal but despite starting with a few and finishing with many, Chris Underhill, Andy Hale and Jamie Boyle smash out every single song they know (and some they don’t) in what Sum 41 would call half an hour of power. The Hardcore injected Punk trio waste no time blasting through their set with Underhill’s wireless guitar allowing him to leap off the stage and throw himself around in the pit during an enthralling performance. Set highlights include the catchy as they come “Voices” (which gets the full sing-a-long treatment) and “Leech” while the anthemic “Disappointment” gets dedicated to The Freudian Session for a few laughs. There is also a new song in the set which is to be released as a standalone single this summer titled “Bad Dream“, worked on over some Global situation (?) with Ross Walker from Sore Teeth behind the boards. Something a little different with Foo Fighters inspired riffs that is still distinctly MLF and goes down incredibly well. The future is bright, the riffs are fast and the drummer is lively and the bass is bold, My Latest Failure will be back with “Failures Vol 3” in the not too distant future.

Reading Punk bandĀ The Deckchairs [7/10] are an interesting choice for tonight’s show, an older band who blitz their way through cuts from 2018’s “Up Yours” and 2019’s “No Refund” albums with all the attitude of the 1970’s scene with beers raised aloft to start a revival. Having started out in the 1980’s they’re growing old disgracefully with cuts like “Bacon Sandwich” (dedicated to Vegans), “Wanker in An Audi” and “Bracknell” (an ode to a shit town) all going down well with the crowd while closing on “We Were Shit” is an obvious and hilarious choice. They bring the fun with plenty of tongue in cheek humour fuelled lyrics and prove that you’re never too old to have a laugh in a Punk band even if they are a little rough around the edges.

Their first home town show in what seems like forever sees The Freudian Session [8/10] greeted with cheers and mid set Mosh pits as they take The Facebar by storm. Crossing the swords of Punk and Metal with a wicked sense of humour they belt out choice new cutsĀ  “Breaking Point” and “Same Old Story” from their new EP before cutting back to “End Of The Line” from 2017’s “Generation TV“. All the while the drinks flow and the between song banter gets a shade braver as the band throw themselves around on stage loving every minute. Inspired by everyone from The Wildhearts to Therapy? and The Clash it’s a high energy performance that doesn’t break for an acoustic moment and instead simply keeps going as the band play their hearts out while offering a dirty deal on merch to any takers when they leave in a sweaty mess. The set has everything and the kitchen sink including an unplugged lead guitarist due to exuberant moshing and ear splitting feedback when one of the guitars is put down for a minute. The biggest highlight has to be new song “Greed” with the crowd chanting the backing vocal “Hey!” parts in perfect timing despite having had a skinful…

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