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Throwback: “Leech” from My Latest Failure!

While our weekly throwback feature isn’t only about the anniversaries (because they happen so often these days they’re impossible to keep track of) we like to raise a poison chalice for one or two… So the fifth anniversary of “Failures Vol. 1” from Hardcore Injected Punks My Latest Failure is one of the of those.

Exclusive Interview: My Latest Failure talk “Bad Dreams”!

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Bad Dreams by My Latest Failure won’t love you. A piece of meloncholia, a ode to summer loves lost and an antidote to everything sugary sweet, Bad Dreams is a dramatic twist on My Latest Failure’s usual formula that may catch you by surprise. It’s been a week since

Track Review: “Bad Dreams” by My Latest Failure

Sometimes you have to ask yourself if there is ever going to be a right time to do something and then make the decision to bite the bullet and get it done. That’s essentially the situation that Hardcore injected trio My Latest Failure found themselves in with the first song they ever wrote in “Bad

Bootleg: “It’s Complicated” from My Latest Failure!

…with new single “Bad Dreams” set for 9th September, Hardcore injected Punk trio My Latest Failure have shared a live performance of “It’s Complicated” caught on camera in glorious black and white during their recent set at The Queens Head in Brixton. If you’re unfamiliar with their earworm riffs and catchy choruses, then you won’t