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The Black Map #178: Internal Conflict from Leicester!

In choosing Neil Hudson (Krysthla, From Eden To Exile) at Initiate Audio & Media Studios in Northampton to mix and master their sophomore album “Aphoria“, Leicester based Metalcore outfit Internal Conflict put their money where their mouths are and got the best person for the job. The album title means “An irresolvable internal contradiction or

Review: “Aporia” by Internal Conflict

“The name ‘A P O R I A’ initially spoke of the difficult times we have gone through personally in the last few years, in and outside of the band”, explains frontman Adam Kyle. ” From family breakdowns, to mental health struggles, parenthood, life / work balance, and what it means to be a band in an

NEWS: Conspiracy theories From Eden To Exile?

Produced by Krysthla guitarist Neil Hudson at Initiate Audio and featuring stunning cover art by Tom Roberts Illustration, after the turmoil of line up changes came “Age Of Fire“, the strongest work to date from Northampton’s From Eden To Exile. They’ve chosen “Conspire”  from it for the red carpet music video treatment, created with the

NEWS: From Eden to Exile burn in the “Age of Fire”!

Awarded one of the “Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2020” Awards during our listmania season between Christmas and New Year, “Age Of Fire” by Northampton based Groove Metallers From Eden To Exile was easily the most listened to record of last year in these parts. The band have dropped a music video for the

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2020!

If you weren’t as excited by our top #5 singles of 2020 on Boxing Day as you were by pouring Bailey’s on your cornflakes on Christmas Day then perhaps our top #5 EP releases of 2020 tickles your fancy. Or maybe not. Who knows. The rules of the game are simple. No bands that features

NEWS: 10 bands announced for Hopfest 2021!

…with Saturday headlining act still to be announced, Wellingborough is the place to be across the weekend of 25th and 26th June 2021 for Hopfest. Regulars and favourites from the UK Metal Underground circuit will be present and correct including the not to be missed From Eden to Exile, who dropped their brilliant “Age of

Playthrough: “Face Of Desolation” from From Eden To Exile!

A full on bass and twin guitar attack playthrough for “Face Of Desolation” from the new EP “Age Of Fire” by From Eden To Exile is an absolute must. Normally we’d say something like “it’s a stand out track” because it is, but the whole EP is so damn good that we’re going to say

Review: “Origami” by From Once We Came

Formed back in 2015, London Metallers From Once We Came have taken an interesting route to where they are today. Rather than record and then take the songs they created to the stage, vocalist Thomas Smith, guitarist David Silver, bassist Brian Granahan and drummer Adam Gosling started playing shows across the UK in Spring 2016.

Playthrough: “Face Of Desolation” from From Eden To Exile!

Northampton Groove Metallers From Eden To Exile delivered the goods in style with their EP “Age Of Fire” which was released just 15 days ago. Drummer Jake Patrick shows us how it’s done with a playthrough of “Face Of Desolation” with Neil Hudson of Krysthla producing the record and helping them achieve a crushing sound.