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Interview: Void Of Vision on The Garza Podcast!

As ever timing is everything and so while in the US on tour with Erra, vocalist Jack Bergrin from Australian Metalcore merchants Void Of Vision joins Suicide Silence guitarist Chris Garza for an in depth conversation. They discuss everything from his health issues and being grateful for things we take for granted down to the

Interview: Make Them Suffer on The Garza Podcast!

Another classic from the Suicide Silence guitarist Chris Garza finds him talking to Australians Make Them Suffer about everything from bed bugs and cutting back on their tour drinking to getting revitalised with the arrival of vocalist and keyboardist Alex Reade. A full on 80 minutes, this offers the kind of depth we all want

Interview: Nervosa on The Garza Podcast!

Set to join Sepultura on their farewell tour Brazilian Thrash act Nervosa are the latest to join Chris Garza under the lights for an extended interview. They talk about line up changes, the strength to carry on, joining the ranks at NAMM, playing Wacken and… hair care, all in support of their latest burnt offering

Interview: Daath talk about their return on The Garza Podcast!

Having wandered the wilderness the return of Daath with a refreshed and rejuvenated line up with a forthcoming album in “The Deceivers” to appear via Metal Blade Records is an intriguing prospect. They’ve been taking their time to get things to match their vision and discuss everything from seeing Slipknot on Ozzfest in 1999 to

Interview: Lionheart on The Garza Podcast!

It’s time for another classic interview from Suicide Silence guitarist Chris Garza and this week he’s talking to an absolute hero in Rob Watson from American Hardcore crew Lionheart. The pair talk about everything from Mental health issues to addiction, the highs and lows of band life and playing with Bleeding Through in Orange County

Interview: 2023 highlights from The Garza Podcast!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of an episode of The Garza Podcast yet then this is one for you as the Suicide Silence guitarist has put together a 72 minute long feature length episode of highlights from the year that has been 2023. From Fear Factory to (hed)p.e. and Cattle Decapitation it’s all here