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Interview: Demonstealer talk writing and recording with Gear Gods!

The Godfather of Indian Death Metal Demonstealer joined Gear Gods for a feature length interview about how the music of his solo project is pieced together. An insightful piece, from a multi instrumentalist and vocalist who is regularly joined by a myriad of guests including members of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Six Feet Under, The Amenta, Gorgasm,

Documentary: How We Wrote “In Stasis” with Monuments!

The Gear Gods series “How We Wrote” continues to deliver some seriously interesting album dissections with vocalist Andy Cizek and guitarist John Browne going in deep on their upcoming new Monuments album “In Statis” in the latest episode. That drops via Century Media on 15th April and includes a trio of guests that would grace

Documentary: How We Wrote “Days Before The World Wept” from The Agonist!

After last week’s incredible “How We Wrote Anthology” from Carcosa appeared via Gear Gods, the latest in the series sees fellow Canadians The Agonist deep diving into how they wrote their recently released EP “Days Before The World Wept” produced by Christian Donaldson (Beyond Creation, Cryptopsy, Despised Icon). Last year saw the Montréal Québec natives

Documentary: How We Wrote “Anthology” from Carcosa!

The fourth episode of the Gear Gods series “How Songs Are Made” sees Vancouver British Columbia Canadian Deathcore quartet Carcosa discussing how they wrote their sophomore record “Anthology“. Consisting of half new cuts and half re-recorded versions of those from debut EP “Absent” with a myriad of guest vocal appearances including Kyle Anderson of Brand

Documentary: How We Wrote “The Work” with Rivers Of Nihil!

It might not have as cool a title as “Where Owls Know My Name” but “The Work” from  American Progressive Metallers Rivers Of Nihil is one of the finer records of 2021. Guitarist Brody Utterly did a feature length documentary with Gear Gods about how their fourth album was created and it’s well worth the

Documentary: Devildriver guitarist duo get rigged with Gear Gods!

Devildriver guitarists Mike Spreitzer and Neal Tiemann have been a partnership for 5 years, playing on the bands albums “Trust No One“, “Outlaws ’til the End” and “Dealing With Demons“. In this latest episode of the Rigged series from Gear Gods, they go through their setups for recording and live so you can see what

Playthrough: “Guilt” from Draemora on Gear Gods!

26th June is going to see the debut EP from Seattle Progressive Death Metallers Draemora (ex-Odyssian, ex-Jesus Wears Armani) that goes in deep lyrically, owing much of its narrative to tales of battling with drugs and alcohol. Guitarist Terry Jenkins layed down a playthrough for “Guilt” from that EP for Gear Gods. Guitarist Terry Jenkins

Playthrough: Fear Factory at NAMM!

Does anyone even know what Fear Factory are up to these days? Contradictory social media posts from various band members put them in entirely different directions and leave us fans utterly clueless. One thing is for sure. Guitarist Dino Cazares was at the Seymour Duncan booth at NAMM 2020 and used their pickups to perform

Documentary: TesseracT get to writing with Gear Gods!

Gear Gods teamed up with TesseracT vocalist Daniel Tompkins to write and record vocals utilizing Toontrack’s Superior Drummer #3 software in this new featurette. The Progressive Metallers have a trio of shows in Ukraine in December while details of South American shows in March have started to leak out…