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Documentary: The Browning provide tips for local bands!

The Browning guitarist, programmer, synth guru, producer and vocalist Jonny “FX” McBee has taken some time out of his schedule to create a video in which he gives 5 Pro Tips for Local bands to get ahead when starting out in a career in music, while also giving some insight into his own entrepreneurial spirit,

Playthrough: “Not Alone” by The Browning!

Ever wondered what The Browning would sound like if guitars replaced the synths? We definitely have. But then that’s how our pea brains work at 3am. Seems that Jonny “FX” McBee is thinking along the same lines. He’s recorded this guitar playthrough for “Not Alone” where his guitar parts replace the synth on the track.

Playthrough: “Beyond Stone” and “Noctis” from The Browning!

While he doesn’t play guitars live, he is the main writer when it comes to his band The Browning so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jonny McBee, the vocalist, programmer and mastermind behind “Geist” has recorded a playthrough video showing you how to play the riffs from “Beyond Stone” and “Noctis“.

NEWS: Calligram in triplicate!

The end of February will see sub-genre spanning Crust Punk meets Black Metal in a dark alley for a drunken fist fight over a girl who probably wasn’t worth it anyway and end up as best mates… Wtf are we talking about?! Oh. Calligram joined by Harrowed and Geist for a trio of shows in

Bootleg: The Browning in Sacramento!

Capital Chaos TV have dropped a few choice cuts from the Sacramento California stop of The Browning‘s current tour. Filmed on 21st March and blending Metalcore and EDM, the American electronicore band from Kansas City, Missouri bring the live energy. If you want to know what we thought of their recently deceased album “Geist”, check

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of “”Final Breath” with The Browning!

26th October will see Kansas City Electro-Metalcore crew The Browning release new album “Geist”. Having already released single “Carnage” they’ve now gone ahead and released a 20 minute behind the scenes documentary for follow up single “Final Breath”. The Browning will join Attila and German Metalcore crew Eskimo Callboy upon our shores in October! Pre-orders for the