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NEWS: The Browning cover “Alleyways” by DrDisrespect!

The Browning mastermind Jonny McBee has dropped a haunting Metal cover of the 80’s inspired “Alleyways” by DrDisrespect. A powerful song with based on the lyric “you can never take away the power of my soul“, this new rendition perhaps shows that after the more commercial “Giest“, the electronicore band from Kansas City, Missouri still

Riff Police! Pull Over! #34: The Browning Vs Limp Bizkit!

“Sick Minds”, the opening track from “Giest” the new album from Kansas City’s The Browning stands out for a very familiar riff after its synth intro. The bands greater Nu-Metal leanings on their new album should come as no surprise with the band starting out in 2005, very shortly after the height of the Nu-Metal

Review: “Geist” by The Browning

Believe it or not, The Browning have been around since 2005 in one form or another, with “Geist” being their 4th full length album in a 13 year career that has also seen them spawn a pair of EPs. The album sees the return of Collin Woroniak to the bands line-up, having departed in 2016, however

NEWS: “Giest” from The Browning streaming!

Currently on a European tour with Attila and Eskimo Callboy, The Browning have released an audio stream of the title track of upcoming new “Geist”. The album will appear via Spinefarm Records next Friday on 26th October with pre-orders available here. Anyone else get any Rammstein in this?