Riff Police! Pull Over! #34: The Browning Vs Limp Bizkit!

“Sick Minds”, the opening track from “Giest” the new album from Kansas City’s The Browning stands out for a very familiar riff after its synth intro. The bands greater Nu-Metal leanings on their new album should come as no surprise with the band starting out in 2005, very shortly after the height of the Nu-Metal era.

You might be forgiven for thinking a Nu-Metal riff on a track from The Browning would perhaps be one of the lesser lights of heaven. Riffs can be more difficult to pick out with the bands heavy synth usage that had given them the “Synthcore” tag. But that riff is actually a much more famous one. It’s “Nookie” from Limp Bizkit. Guitarist Collin Woroniak is a self confessed fan and wears makeup on stage in homage to Wes Borland. Subliminal influence? There is no doubt.

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