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Review: “Dirtmound” by Interpreter

Bringing to the plate their debut record “Dirtmound“, Nashville, Tennessee quartet Interpreter are keen to point out that they don’t just create in one sub genre of Metal despite being labeled something of a Technical Deathcore outfit by anyone who happens to be listening. Wade Turner (Vocals), Ryan Waldron (Guitar), Jeremy Arvin (Bass) and Aaron

Documentary: Emmure guitarist Joshua Travis delivers the riffs!

Ever wondered how Emmure guitarist Joshua Travis gets his recording done? In this latest tech demo video he hammers out some choice riffs using the Rode Procaster, NTR and NT1 microphones while using Audient ASP 880 preamps. The King of the 9 string strikes again, with tones recognisable over almost every other guitarist.

Review: “Hindsight” by Emmure

After the resounding success of the Emmure combination of vocalist Frankie Palmeri with Glass Cloud trio Phil Lockett, Joshua Travis and Josh Miller that was 2017’s “Take A Look At Yourself” there was bound to be some fall out, if only because controversy seems to follow Palmeri around like a black cloud. So bassist Phil

NEWS: Emmure drop “I’ve Scene God” with “Hindsight” 14 days away!

Following “Pigs Ear“, “Gypsy Disco” and “Uncontrollable Descent“, a fourth single from the upcoming 26th June album from Emmure has appeared today with Sam Beck getting the credit for creating the official visualizer. The album goes by the name “Hindsight” and marks first album to feature new bassist Bassist Nicholas Pyatt while the single is

Interview: TrueShot talk to Frankie Palmeri of Emmure!

So TrueShot have been busy recording their own music and after a million reaction videos to everything and anything new, they’ve started an interview series. Who better to start with that the figure of controversy that is Frankie Palmeri of Emmure? Topics for this one include Palmeri’s childhood, the band dynamic and what he’s doing

NEWS: Emmure’s Joshua Travis premiers “The Hollow”!

The Tech Metal juggernaut that is Joshua Travis just doesn’t stop, even for a minute. The Emmure guitarist, who has also appeared in Monuments, Glass Cloud and of course The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza is joined by current Monuments vocalist Andy Cizek for this brand new single and solo release entitled “The Hollow“. It is

Playthrough: New Riffs from Emmure guitarist Joshua Travis!

A couple of days ago Emmure guitarist Joshua Travis (Glass Cloud, ex-Monuments, ex-Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza) shared this video of him playing a track on his YouTube channel. Could we be witnessing something from the upcoming new Emmure album that has already spawned singles “Pigs Ear” and “Gypsy Disco“? Either way, this is SFA.

Review: “Willow” by Reflections

Five years after their eOne Music/Good Fight Entertainment album “The Color Clear“, Twin Cities Minnesota residents Jake Wolf (vocals), Patrick “Patty” Somoulay (guitar), Francis Xayana (bass) and Nick Lona (drums) have returned with new guitarist Logan Young having ended their 2016 hiatus with a brand new song entitled “From Nothing” in November 2019. So three

Review: “Blood Moon” EP by Manalyth

Tustin in Orange County California is where you’ll find Multi Instrumentalist (Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths and Piano) Brodee McLaren and vocalist Brandon Craven on most days if the week. The duo create Progressive Deathcore and are label free because let’s face it, in the internet age, as they put it, who needs one? They’ve hooked

NEWS: Emmure Impericon Festival off dates!

April will see Emmure upon our shores after the Impericon Festival shows in Mainland Europe for a trio nights at intimate venues. Expected to sell out almost instantly, they should see the now one month old “Pigs Ear” the set. More new material? We hope so! 21st Bristol, Rough Trade 22st London, Boston Music Room