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NEWS: Godhand get trapped in a vicious cycle!

“Constant State Of Worst Case Scenario” is the title of the new single from Houston Texas heavy hitters Godhand, who have chosen a five word song title for good reason. Put simply, their last one “More Than A Hairline Fracture“, smashed their Spotify streaming statistics, approaching 217k at the time of writing so the evidence

Playthrough: “Eclipse” from Brand Of Sacrifice!

Having previously handled double duties with both his main squeeze Rings Of Saturn and Traitors when the pair came over to Europe on the “Gidim” tour cycle, Mike Caputo helped out Brand Of Sacrifice on their current run. Dedicated footage of him playing “Eclipse” at Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville California on 17th December is

NEWS: It’s “More Than A Fracture” for Godhand!

A handful of days short of two years after we reviewed their self titled, Gabor Toth (Harmed, Jigokü) mixed and mastered EP, Texas Deathcore collective Godhand have returned to the breach with a skull crushing new cut “More Than A Fracture” which has been given the full works treatment with a video directed by Isaac

Review: “Fiend” by Morphiend

Keeping their collective identities and location under wraps for now, a Nu-Metalcore band going by the name Morphiend announced their signing to label We Are Triumphant with a single entitled “Dopamine“. They have now separated from their work with Chugcore Promotions, however another two singles later and we have a full EP that features a

NEWS: Morphiend look to make amends?!

Following “Dopamine” and “Nightshift” (which features guest appearances from members of Godhand) comes the third single from Morphiend entitled “Amends“. If you believe the Chugcore Promotions hype, the Nu-Metalcore act who haven’t identified themselves as yet, have an EP by the name “Fiend” in the pipeline. It can’t be far away after three single, can

NEWS: Morphiend get ready for the “Night Shift”!

A yet to be dated forthcoming EP “Fiend” from Nu-Metalcore outfit Morphiend is going to include this second single from the band. Entitled “Night Shift” it sees them joined by Zack Harvey from Godhand and will no doubt see them as a welcome addition to both the Chugcore Promotions and We Are Triumphant rosters.

Bootleg: Godhand (and friends)!

Featuring a pair of guest vocalists, here’s a partial set of 3 songs from Texas Downtempo crew Godhand! “Control” Features Hector of The Terrorists, “Stonescale” is in the middle while “Demise” Features Isaiah of Texas Chainsaw fame! Their self titled EP is out now, check out our review!

Review: “Self Titled” EP by Godhand

Comprising vocalist Zack Harvey, sticksman Jose Puga, bassist (and backing vocalist) Nick Cook as well guitarist duo Jack Harmon and Estevan Lerma, Godhand are the latest Downtempo Metalcore crew out of Huston Texas. Mixed & Mastered by Gabor Toth, their debut EP has been some time in the works. An eerie lead riff swirls, broken