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NEWS: Neurectomy prepare to be “Overwrought”!

Not one but two lethal doses of Technical Death Metal cut from “Overwrought“, the upcoming new album from New York City natives Neurectomy are floating in cyberspace in “Crimson Tsunami” and “Dolphin“. The album, which will be unveiled in all it’s glory on 17th November is a who’s who of Metal, featuring drums from John

Interview: Urne talk “A Feast Of Sorrow” with Heavy New York!

As Urne prepare to unleash a sophomore album in “A Feast Of Sorrow“, a record produced by Gojira vocalist and guitarist Joe Duplantier alongside Johann Meyer at Duplantier‘s Silver Cord Studio in Brooklyn New York, on 11th August, ex-Hang The Bastard bassist Joe Nally spoke to the interview God’s at Heavy New York about… well

Bootleg: “L’Enfant Sauvage” from Whispers In The Maze!

Filmed at Mavericks in Ottawa Ontario Canada on 18th March, Melodic Death Metal protagonists Whispers In The Maze have shared a cover of the classic that is “L’Enfant Sauvage” by Gojira. The show itself saw the band opening for American Rammstein tribute band Rammstime and thus getting in their audition to open for the band on

Bootleg: “Raining Blood” from Zarraza!

Recorded during “Kreated In Blood Tour” in September 2022 at Dorock Club in Istanbul, Extreme Metal act Zarraza have shared their cover of “Raining Blood” by Slayer in all its glory. The cut is one of a holy trinity to make the grade for their EP of the same name with works by Gojira and

Interview: Gojira on The Downbeat Podcast!

In this week’s episode of The Downbeat Podcast series Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds meets one of his heroes in Mario Duplantier, the drummer of French metal titans Gojira. Aside from chat about what it takes to reach new heights of musicianship, Duplantier also talks about jamming with a legend like Metallica frontman

NEWS: Employed To Serve divide and conquer once more?

…with a week to go before they begin their rescheduled HUGE venue tour in support of Gojira, Employed To Serve have announced a digital deluxe version of their current album “Conquering” will drop on 10th March. That news has been accompanied by a remix of “Sun Up To Sun Down” featuring fellow tour mates Alien

Review: “New Horizons Pt. 1” by Heleven

Spanish string quartet Heleven formed in the September of 2016 with a desire to create Metal with no borders or boundaries, to evoke emotion in the listener. They began their journey with 2019’s “Medusa’s Love Story” before an obligatory cover of “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” surfaced in 2020, a month after the series

Playthrough: “Enter the Flesh” from Heriot!

We’ve been following the career of guitarist Debbie Gough since she was the axe woman of Dead Hands. These days she rips it up in Heriot and if evidence is need of her skills then here’s footage of her performing “Enter the Flesh” from the bands April released record “Profound Morality“. She’s using Neural DSP’s Archetype: Gojira Guitar Chain:

Review: “Kreated In Blood” by Zarraza

“Kreated In Blood is a dream come true. Now we got our own versions of our fave songs but infused with Kazakh ethnic. We not only destroyed these classics with our performance but asked friends to help us and bring some special flavor to the final result. I assure you there is no version of

NEWS: It’s time to get bloody with Zarraza!

Claiming to have destroyed a trio of Metal classics from Slayer, Kreator and Gojira by adding Kazakh ethnic instruments to the mix on their own renditions including kyl-kobyz, shan-kobyz and throat singing are Kazakhstan Metallers Zarraza. Except they haven’t because we’ve already heard it for a forthcoming review and it is hands down one of