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NEW: Gojira are “Born For One Thing”!

And so the wheels of the big machine have started once more with French masters Gojira climbing back into the saddle and delivering us from evil with “Born For One Thing“. A new single, it’s slated for release on a new album going by the name “Fortitude” which is due on 30th April via Roadrunner

NEWS: Enquire Within drown in Magma!

The lockdown blues has been something that has affected us all during the Great Plague. Some, well, most people have put on weight, bought s*** they don’t need from the internet and binge watched Netflix series to pass the time. But not London Metalcore outfit Enquire Within. Oh no. They’ve been hamming out not only

Playthrough: “Pathfinder” from Bleed From Within!

The guitar world has gone crazy for the recently released Neural DSP plugin “Archetype: Gojira” with all manner of people from Carcosa guitarist Andrew Baena to Steven ‘gaze’ Sanders of Spoil Engine demoing riffs with it and Scottish Metalcore act Bleed From Within are the latest. They’ve chosen to do a playthrough video for their

Playthrough: New Spoil Engine riffs!

Amazingly, the change to hear some new Spoil Engine material has been provided to us by of all people Gojira. The Frenchmen launched their new Neural DSP plugin and passed it to Steven ‘gaze’ Sanders, the sole remaining founding member of the Belgian Groove Metal act, the first from their nation to sign for Roadrunner

Review: “Other World” by Entheogen

“Drift off to catch glimpses of an other world… Entheogen, a musical group which expresses esoteric hunches into progressive, chaotic yet soothing waveform constructs, injects their expressive pieces into the auditory spectrum that breezes over Ghent’s treetops.”

Bootleg: Gojira at Hellfest 2019!

Recorded & mixed by Johann Meyer with additional footage and editing by Bryce Hall, French Metal titans Gojira have unleashed their entire pro-shot full set from Hellfest in France in 2019 for our viewing pleasure. A set that includes “Oroborus“, “L’enfant Sauvage” and “Silvera” and clocks in a just over an hour, it may not

Review: “Diagrams of Consciousness” by Omnivortex

After a couple of jam sessions in Helsinki Finland in early 2019, guitarist Severi Saarioja and drummer Aaro Koskinen created the axis that would become Omnivortex and were soon joined by Niko Lindman (vocals), Mikko Pylkkö (guitars) and Mikael Reinikka (bass). A shared love of extreme music sees them citing influences in bands like Revocation, Gojira

NEWS: Descending to the throne with Gojira!

It seems that Frenchmen Gojira have a wealth of unseen footage in their archives as from out of nowhere they’ve broadsided us with an unreleased song from 2003. Recorded live at Silver Cord Studios in New York, “Inferno” inspired by the 1925 film “Maciste all’ Inferno” in which the devil takes Maciste to hell to

Review: “Ailment” by Kneel

Seven years is a long time between records but life has a strange habit of getting in the way sometime and that’s no different for multi-instrumentalist and producer Pedro Mau (ex-Kneeldown, Wells Valley). His debut solo record “Interstice” appeared back in 2013 with the vocal and lyrical contributions of his Wells Valley colleague and Concealment

NEWS: Gojira unveil “To Sirius” music video!

Laying gathering dust for fifteen years, footage from the original music video directed by Alain Duplantier for “To Sirius” from the bands 2005 outing “From Mars To Sirius” on Listenable records and Silvera records respectively has surfaced in a new 4K music video for the track from French Metal titans Gojira. The original version has